Robotic Bartenders, Monsieur and James, will Not Only Serve Martinis, Reveal Drinking Habits Too!

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Cocktails of the future will be likely concocted by robots. Inventors have recently released their latest creations by the names of Monsieur and James. These latest technologies have seemingly put into science the basic blending art form. What are the advantages of having a robo-bartender?

Have you imagined an app for cocktails then someone would make that perfect Martini mix for you? Well that is Monsieur's job. Monsieur, an idea from Georgia Tech, has been at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference and boasts of 300 different cocktails from different 12 "unique profiles" and the machine can create 150 cocktails without refilling. The machine also creates pretty exact mixes which is good for people who would want consistency and repetitiveness of flavour.

But that's just the tip of Monsieur's iceberg. Monsieur is really designed to be a business robot meaning it is meant to be placed in pubs and other business places which is similar to a vending machine. The app of Monsieur is its meat versus the human bartenders.

The app tracks the nearest Monsieur service. The app can also be integrated with your social networking sites so you could share your Monsieur experience or share the cocktail recipes. The app also shows the drinks available and your drinking history (yikes!) so you could know which one to order through Monsieur. The app also makes suggestions based on your drinking preference so you would know which other drinks to try when you're adventurous.

So the app knows your drinking habit and your drinking preference, so it would also know how much alcohol you've ingested. It'll alert you if you have high blood alcohol content and would assist you in getting a cab. Not only is it a drinking app but a responsible drinking app.

Watch Monsieur here at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference:

Video Credit: Youtube/TechCrunch 

James, the other robot bartender, is from Europe. James is a smiling robot who is more interested in socially intelligent bartending than Monsieur. The team behind James' current development are deeply interested in behaviour on ordering a drink and reading body language. They hope that the future of James will eventually lead innovation to other kinds of service robots.

Here's James in action

Video Credit: Youtube/FortissTV

But, of course, human bartenders can tell you jokes and listen to your problems but apart from that, the robotic bartenders seem a likely alternative.

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