RoboCup: An International Football World Cup of the Robots Has Participants From Pakistan

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An international football championship for robots, called RoboCup (Robot Soccer World Cup), is being held in Brazil, after their success with the organization of FIFA World Cup 2014, where Germany emerged as winners.

A team of seven students from Pakistan will participate in the robotics competition. The students belong to Centre of Advanced Studies in Engineering from Islamabad and they left for the Robocup on July 18. The event is taking place at Joao Pessoa, a city in Brazil, for a span of a week, from July 19 to 25. An estimated three thousand undergraduate and graduate students representing forty-five countries are expected to participate in the event, which is expected to draw over sixty thousand visitors.

The inaugural event of the RoboCup was held in Japan in 1997 and since then 17 RoboCup championships have been held.

"The objective of the competition is to promote robotics and artificial intelligence research, by offering a publicly appealing, but formidably challenge," said a press release by the Brazilian embassy.

The competition is divided into three categories, depending on the height of the robots, which include standard platform, middle-size league and small-size league which involves robots of height 32 inches, 20 inches and 6 inches respectively. The team from Pakistan is part of the middle-size league.

By 2050, the project aims to have an autonomous team of robots, who will qualify as football players. It aims to challenge the champions of the FIFA World Cup, abiding by the official rules of FIFA. It has been stated by the organizers that a robot has won a competition against the world's best chess player.

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