‘RoboCop’ Or ‘Wolf Creek’ 2 – Which Is the Best Movie To Watch This Weekend In Australia?

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‘RoboCop’ or ‘Wolf Creek’ 2 – Which is The Best Movie to Watch This Weekend in Australia?
Cast member Abbie Cornish poses at the premiere of "Robocop" in Hollywood, California February 10, 2014. REUTERS/Fred Prouser Reuters

Movie buffs who are looking for a movie to watch this weekend may find "RoboCop" and "Wolf Creek" 2 as the best choices among the movies currently playing in Australia.

Here is a preview the two movies:

"RoboCop" is a reimagination of the popular late 1980s and early 1990s movie trilogy. The movie opened to a strong positive response on its start day and reportedly made over $25 million over the weekend. The movie was directed by José Padilha, known for the "Elite Squad" movies.

The movie was set in 2028. Fans of the original trilogy would remember OCP as the company that made the part-man part-machine super hero. In the new movie it's OmniCorp. The company has made billions by selling military drones to the government and now wants to make more money by selling a robotic crime fighting machines back home.

The company saw the opportunity when an honest Detroit cop was critically injured to turn him into "RoboCop." The company can control the machine in the beginning but will the company be able to control the man inside? The movie promises lots of action and drama as the super hero finds his balance between the machine and his human side.

"Wolf Creek" 2 is another movie that is worth considering. Serial Killer Mick Taylor is back and another tourist will have to face the crazed pig shooter in Australia. The outback is once again the played ground for blood and horror.

"Wolf Creek" 2 is directed by Greg Mclean, who also directed the first movie and is famous for working on "Rogue," released in 2007. The movie has been released on Feb. 20 in Australia and has seen some positive feedback from the fans.

"Wolf Creek" 2 is not for the faint hearted as the action and madness of Mick Taylor may be a little too intense for some viewers. Fans of "Hannibal" may enjoy the movie, although this may not have the mind games of Dr. Lecter but it may compensate by providing more action.

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