Robin Thicke Moves On With Katie Holmes, Plans Romantic Date, Source Says

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Singer Robin Thicke Accepts The Award For Top R&B Song For "Blurred Lines."
2013 monster hit “Blurred Lines” by Pharell Williams and Robin Thicke was a rip-off of a Marvin Gaye 1977 track in lawsuit filed by the children of the late soul singer, jury has ruled. Williams and Thicke have been ordered by the court to pay a damage of $7.4 million for copyright infringement.IN PHOTO: Singer Robin Thicke accepts the award for top R&B song for "Blurred Lines" onstage at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada May 18, 2014. Reuters

Since Robin Thicke is reportedly unsuccessful in wooing back ex-wife Paula Patton, he has set his eyes on another woman, to divorced actress Katie Holmes.

"She dropped him an email recently to see how he was, knowing he was going through divorce hell", a source told New Idea. The singer was reportedly "so happy to hear" from Katie Holmes.

The source added both stars have "arranged a date in New York" when Robin Thicke's tour wraps up this month. Everyone is said to be vying for them to go out together because of what they have both gone through in life.

"If anyone can get him over Paula, it is Katie", the source said.

According to Celebrity Fix, the "Blurred Lines" singer and Katie Holmes bonded way back in 2010 when both their spouses were filming scenes for "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol."

The New Idea insider claimed Robin totally relied on Tom Cruise's ex-wife during those times especially when it came to taking care of his and Paula's child Julian, who was then still a newborn baby.

The source said Katie Holmes gave the singer invaluable lessons about "looking after a new baby". The source added they both "bonded over tips and music after he heard her sing to Suri" who was at that time tagging along with her mom.

However, there has been no confirmation that Robin Thicke and Katie Holmes are dating. Even Inquisitr writer Nathan Francis said both haven't actually been together yet and are certainly not dating.

Rumours of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton's separation were believed to have started after the married singer became the recipient of Miley Cyrus' twerking moves during the MTV Video Music Awards last September 2013. The stage performance reportedly made headlines and opened up a can of worms in his marriage to Paula.

His music album "Paula" was clearly dedicated to his ex-wife in an effort to "Get Her BAck." Although he may not have publicly admitted to cheating, a previous report from Inquisitr claimed his attempts to win her back ranged from public apologies in concerts and talk shows, to a music video featuring a Paula Patton look-alike.

Unfortunately, not everyone had sympathised with the singer. Even his album, according to the site, only sold for a total of 30,000 copies in the US. Likewise, Paula Patton reportedly has not changed her mind about the divorce. Even fans took to Twitter to express their opinions on the couple's separation.

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