Robin Thicke Gets Paula Patton Back In Paula Tracklist

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Singer Robin Thicke performs amongst employees at the Walmart annual shareholders meeting in Fayetteville, Arkansas June 6, 2014.
Singer Robin Thicke performs amongst employees at the Walmart annual shareholders meeting in Fayetteville, Arkansas REUTERS

Robin Thicke has revealed the tracklist of his new album "Paula" that shows how much he wants Paula Patton back and at first glance could already reveal the reason behind their divorce.

After being high school sweethearts since 14 and as a married couple for nine years, Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton had divorced. Despite the cheating rumours, which had reportedly caused the divorce, Robin Thicke continues to win Paula Patton back.

In an effort to win Paula Patton back, Robin Thicke had released a new album called "Paula" and recently revealed the tracklist, which according to vulture is a glimpse into what may have happened between the couple that ultimately led to their divorce.

1. "You're My Fantasy"

Robin Thicke declares Paula Patton is his one and only. Or this tracklist could possibly be an effort to negate all the cheating rumours or the supposedly sex talk in "Blurred Lines."

2) "Get Her Back"

This tracklist would be the thesis statement in Robin Thicke's attempt to win Paul Patton back, according to vulture. Billboard reported that during their 2014 Billboard Music Awards, Robin Thicke debuted the heartfelt song where he was seen going down on his knees while singing.

3.) "Still Madly Crazy"

This tracklist connotes an undying devotion. Robin Thicke declares that even after all these years he is still madly crazy in love with Paula Patton.

4.) "Lock the Door"

 Did someone walk in on Robin Thicke while he was being unfaithful? Per vulture, this tracklist could be a reference to securing the location before some serious lovemaking or a reminder to Paul Patton to "lock the door" of outside influences like gossip rags.

5.) "Whatever I Want"

Robin Thicke is now famous and vulture suggests that now he can do anything including cheating on Paula Patton. This tracklist could also be a wakeup call for Robin Thicke that power does corrupt people.

6.) "Living in New York City"

Vulture suggests that living in NYC can be very tempting and that the ways of the Big Apple made Robin Thicke unfaithful to Paula Patton. The tracklist could also pertain to his stay in NYC back in 2010 while he was recording. Robin Thicke was reportedly living in a rented Soho apartment in NYC for several weeks where all the cheating could have possibly begun.

7.) "Love Can Grow Back"

This tracklist suggests of a possible reconciliation with Paula Patton or it could also just be Robin Thicke declaring that "love can grow back."

8.) "Black Tar Cloud"

This tracklist is suggesting that Robin Thicke is admitting to a drug problem that could have possibly also caused the divorce from Paula Patton.

9.) "Too Little Too Late"

This tracklist can be associated to "Black Tar Cloud." If it's a heroin problem as vulture suggests, then it really might be too late.

10.) "Tippy Toes"

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke have a son named Julian and this tracklist could be referring to him.

11.) "Something Bad"

This tracklist is like a confession to something bad that Robin Thicke did that ultimately led to the divorce.

12.) "The Opposite of Me"

Robin Thicke is saying in this tracklist that it's not his character to cheat on Paula Patton.

13.) "Time of Your Life"

This tracklist is suggesting happiness if ever Paula Patton decides to take Robin Thicke back.

14.) "Forever Love"

If Paula Patton takes Robin Thicke back, then this tracklist is suggesting a possible fairytale ending where they "live happily ever after."

According to rap-up, all 14 tracks were written and produced by Robin Thicke with the titles inspired by his ex-wife Paula Patton. Thicke said that he's got to impress Paula somehow and that the truth shall " set you free."

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