Robert Pattinson’s Lover: Raving about Bed Stories, Advises Kristen Stewart to Keep Him [PHOTOS]

An Ex-Lover of Robert Pattinson Raves of What she Calls the Best Night of her Life


An ex-lover of Robert Pattinson during his split with Kristen Stewart last summer has come out and opens up about their short-lived relationship and how “good” the Twilight actor was, advising Kristen Stewart to come to her senses and do everything not to lose him.

Described by the as Rob’s “rebound lover,” the woman is a part-time model he met during a night out at LA Club last summer. The first to “reveal” the gorgeous staffer, described how the two got friendly to each other, leading them to meet not just once but on a couple of occasions.

The unidentified woman was raving about the encounter, pointing out that it was “one of the best nights of her life!”

“I hooked-up with Rob twice last summer and I’d give him a 10 for sure,” Rob’s ex-lover was quoted as saying by the

The beautiful ex-lover, who had requested to remain anonymous was not too shy and continued telling her “best night” with the Twilight actor.

 “He’s a great kisser and really sweet, but he still totally knows how to take charge. We were drinking a lot both times but he had no problems in the bedroom, we stayed up almost all night the first time.

The club staffer is not the only lady to describe Robert as a great lover. Another ex-lover was interviewed by the Star Magazine describing him as “amazing in bed.”

These ex-lovers came out amidst reports in the last two weeks that Kristen and Robert have “barely spoken” since R-Pattz went to Australia last month. The two have apparently tried to keep in touch through phone calls and “Skype dates” due to their busy schedule. While Kristen has been feeling neglected, allegedly forcing her to “get in touch” with Rupert Pattinson once again, the romance between the Twilight lovers could likely head to “splitville” for good.

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