Robert Pattinson Update: Rob Looks Happy Filming on Set in Australia Miles Away from Kristen Stewart [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

“The Rover” Actor Appears Calm and Happy in a Video on Set Filming in Australia


Alas, a footage of Twilight actor Robert Pattinson for his millions of Tween fans to feast on! It has been weeks since R-Patz flew to Australia to film his latest drama, film “The Rover.”

And not only his girlfriend Kristen Stewart misses Robert, but his millions of fans are also dying to see him. A 38-second video of the actor has emerged on the web, allowing everyone to take a sneak peek of how R-Patz is doing Down Under.

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The video, produced as introductory spiels for Australia’s Tropfest this year showed a happy and giggling actor greeting the viewers. Accompanied by Guy Pearce, Robert expressed support for the annual film event.

“I’m Robert Pattinson,” the actor said as began his wishes for the viewers. Looking very chirpy and unfazed with everything outside of the West Australian desert, Rob burst into laughter when he realized he was not following the script prepared for the short video: “Oh s**t, am I continuing?”

“We collectively wish that we could be there enjoying all the fabulous Topfest films with you tonight,” the Twilight actor continued in the video.

Pearce continued at this part of the video: “But unfortunately (or fortunately) we are here at the Western Australian desert, filming for our latest film, “The Rover,” which we hope to show you later this year.”

The 38-second video showed Robert looking hot in black t-shirt with “Bad Religion” printed on it. His newly shaven hair is hidden under a black bonnet. The English actor appeared calm and confident as he was touching his skin on his right arm as he spoke.

“Have a great night and good luck to the sixteen finalists,” Robert added concluding his remarks for the organizers and participants of the Tropfest 2013.

Founded by John Polson in 1993, Tropfest, or the Tropicana Short Film Festival, is promising something different this year, with its first free-to-air live telecast.

Organizers have been commended for their efforts which are considered as "an upgrade from the former pay television coverage on the defunct Movie Network," said The Age as cited in a separate report by IBTimes-Au.

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The festical showcases three days of screenings, parties and the film-maker symposium Tropfest Roughcut that began on February 15. Robert Pattinson failed to make it to the festival, as well as other casts of “The Rover” but they generously obliged warm greetings through the video.

START the SLIDESHOW to see Robert Pattinson having a laugh. You may also want to check out the VIDEO as seen below.

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