Robert Pattinson Still Loves Kristen Stewart [PHOTOS]

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After the rumors that Robert Pattinson had dumped Kristen Stewart, sources have revealed that the twilight star is obsessed with Stewart and misses her a lot.

The trouble between the two lovebirds started before the premier of Breaking Dawn part 2 because KStew allegedly said she was "sorry" for the hurt she caused because allegations were true that she was having an affair with her director during the filming of "Snow White"

Pattinson was to celebrate his birthday with Stewart when he had read a message from Rupert Sanders, the same guy she cheated on Rob with. Sources say Robert was furious and had broken up with Stewart right after that.

The two hit splitsville because news had it that Kristin Stewart was still in touch with her director and cheating flame, Sanders. Now sources say that Pattinson sorely misses Stewart and had even called her before she left for Paris. The two spoke on the phone for about forty two minutes.

A source had revealed details on how Robert Pattinson is holding out on Stewart and how the star cannot make up his mind on whether to get in touch with Stewart or not, the full report in K! Magazine:

"He seems obsessed with her... He thinks about Kristen all the time. Sometimes he starts to send a text, then changes his mind. It seems Rob can't let Kristen go."

Seems like the actor was seriously in love with Kristen Stewart and misses her a lot. We surely hope the two patch things up as there were rumors that Pattinson was even ready to ask Stewart to be his wife. The two had been living together and were a couple for more than three years.

Wonder how Stewart is feeling about Pattinson and his little calls from time to time? 

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