Robert Pattinson Spotted With Redhead Woman Who Has Spitting Image of Kristen Stewart

Can’t Robert Pattinson Get Over Kristen Stewart that He’s Out with a Redhead Woman with Spitting Image of Popular Ex-Girfriend


It looks like Robert Pattinson is enjoying the taste of freedom after splitting from Kristen Stewart, his girlfriend of four years. The British-born actor was spotted anew, with another woman, only this time, the red head looks like K-Stew.

The Twilight hunk still seemed to have Kristen in mind that he drove around Los Feliz over the weekend, accompanied by a redhead woman, who has spitting image of his equally famous ex.

A close look at the photos posted on Robert Pattinson Fan Page  on Facebook showed that the redhead woman has the face with contour similar to Kristen’s. Photos taken focused on the girl’s right side, revealed that the unidentified woman even has the shape of Kristen’s noseline. She got all features Kristen has over his head. She was all Kristen.

Even the way she carries herself reminds Rob of his ex. The new girl sported the same tomboy look Kristen would in her romantic dates with Rob not so long ago.

Wearing a short-sleeved checkered shirt and his signature glasses, Rob appeared to be all smiles as he was driving his lady friend around Los Feliz. The redhead woman was herself wearing day glasses.

According to the Daily Mail, Rob’s new female friend accompanied the actor when he bought a new set of table (tennis) and they were reported heading back to his nearby mansion when photographed by eagle-eyed paparazzis. The duo was described as appearing relaxed as they drove around Los Feliz on Saturday afternoon.

The woman, however, was not the one wearing big smiles leaving Chateau Marmont in Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, Calif. at 2:45am on June 26, 2013. As earlier reported by IBTimes-Au, Rob arrived at the L.A. hotel in the evening on June 25 and braved the paparazzis driving at the back of a limousine early morning the following day. The woman with him has dark hair, unlike the new girl riding in his red Chevy Silverado truck.

The woman also does not resemble Camille Rowe, the blond French model who he was passionately sharing kisses with for his latest Dior Fragrance Homme Campaign.

Rob has shown a new side of him with slew of women Robert seemed to be rumoured dating recently and ones he has reportedly taken interest in. Described as a man who loves brunette after being linked to Katy Perry after the Robsten split, Rob seemed to take interest in bright-reddish hair. Rob pointed out in an interview that the colour of a woman’s locks is of no essence to him.

"I can't say I prefer blondes, brunettes or redheads," Rob said, according to, adding "I like emotion and elegance. Even expensive clothes do not guarantee a good look. You must be yourself above all!"

The identity of the woman remains unknown as of this writing. Check out the photos and see for yourself if indeed the redhead girl is a Kristen Stewart lookalike.

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