Robert Pattinson Shows No Sign Missing Kristen Stewart at Bobby Long Concert in Troubadour


 From the L.A. hospital to Bobby Long’s concert at Troubadour, Kristen Stewart’s British ex, Robert Pattinson looks genuinely happy as he was out and about in Los Angeles on Aug. 16.

The Maps to the Stars actor was snapped leaving The Troubadour in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, Calif. Friday evening. The Twilight hunk looked surprisingly cheerful and all smiles as he made his way to the throng of photographers waiting for him outside Hollywood’s hot spot.

It was a great concert, said one fan until he saw how the paparazzis tried to make a living through Rob.

Roaming Rob ‏@RoamingRob1 : “Great night at Bobby Long was ruined when I got to see first hand just how awful the paps are towards Rob...”

Witnesses claim that paparazzis were a bit too much with Rob but the actor looked unbothered by all the shutterbugs trying to get their good shots. For critics, it was new to see Rob all smiles leaving at Long’s concert. What was more striking was the ecstatic look in his face despite rumours that Kristen was crushed when he moved to Beverly Hills, noted

“Kristen is crushed that Rob felt it was necessary to move to Beverly Hills. She feels like this was his way of saying, “I can’t be bothered with you anymore,” quoted a source as saying.

And the look on Rob’s face certainly showed he hasn’t shared Kristen’s feelings a bit when he moved out. Enjoying total freedom, Rob?

Rob is a good friend of Bobby Long and has been attending his concerts for years. In fact almost every chance he got. He was first attending Bobby Long’s concert in 2009 with friend Marcus Foster and then girlfriend, Kristen Stewart.

Robsten and Marcus were snapped sneaking out of the Hotel Café, at the Chateau Marmont after Bobby Long’s concert in August 2009. A fan documented the trio in an article written by Twilight blogger, Moon on August 7, 2009, sharing his experience to be standing right next to Rob as they made their exit at the hotel café’s front, darting to a waiting cab.

“Moon here, from and I just happened to catch some of our favorite Twilight people out on the town last night at the Bobby Long show at the Hotel Café,” blogger Moon said.

He recounted, “The door opened and Marcus rushed out right into the street and hailed a cab. At this point we knew he was headed out. Marcus gets the cab (about 10:30pm) as close as he can which is probably about 20 feet or less from where we were standing and they would definitely have to walk in front of us. Then Marcus walks back to the door, and out comes Rob!! Yes, I saw Rob Pattinson and he walked in front of me. If I had reached out my hand I would have touched him.”

Kristen was again with Rob when the British hunk watched Bobby Long play on July 19, 2012. Rob and Kristen were snapped holding hands as they left Chateau Marmont Hotel Café.

At this year's Bobby Long event, Rob went solo as seen in the photos by Robert Pattinson's fans. Did Rob miss Kristen this year?

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