Robert Pattinson Requests Kristen Stewart To Come to Cannes Only After His Premieres Are Over

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Contradictory to previous reports that Kristen Stewart decided to attend the Cannes late because of a shooting and because she does not want to bump into Robert Pattinson, a new report claiming that Robert Pattinson expressly requested Kristen Stewart to attend the Cannes after his own premieres were done comes out. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Robert Pattinson requested Kristen Stewart not to come while he is at the Cannes to eliminate all chances of them being spotted together. Because Kristen Stewart was the girlfriend who cheated on him and humiliated him in front of the whole world, this request seems logical. Kristen thinks it's the least she can do for the man she shamed.

Kristen may have followed suit with the request, but this does not mean she was not hurt. Kristen was kind of hoping that Cannes would just be the place and time for them to reconcile. However, her chance slipped away when she was forced to agree to Robert Pattinson's request.

The turn of the events is certainly sad for Kristen Stewart, who reportedly cannot move on from Robert Pattinson, while the latter is more than ready to just forget her, and to the hardcore fans of the couple and the Twilight franchise. However, they should not despair just yet. Sources of Celebrity Dirty Laundry are claiming that both Kristen and Rob are actually thinking about starring in another movie together. The movie is not anything like Twilight, but the fact that they will be together is enough to drive fans wild.

The new movie may lean towards a more non-fiction biopic vibe, comparably like Kristen's Cannes film, Clouds of Sils Maria. Producers of the said possible movie want Kristen and Rob to star on a movie that would somehow mirror the two stars' real lives during the Twilight craziness. The possible plot will center around two relatively unknown actors meeting and falling in love while working a famous franchise, and how their romance became as phenomenal worldwide as the movie franchise.

If this movie project pans out, it goes without saying that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart needs to seriously resolve all their issues first. They cannot ignore each other while working on such an intimate project. 

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