Robert Pattinson off To Madrid with Dylan Penn, Over Kristen Stewart for Good?

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It seems as if Robert Pattinson is not confused as to who he really likes to be with anymore. He totally forgot about Kristen Stewart, his on-again, off-again girlfriend when he decided he wanted to spend a romantic rendezvous this weekend in Madrid with a Dylan Penn. Robert Patterson and Dylan Penn were rumored to be dating as early as the fall of 2013, even though he was also then reportedly seeing Kristen Stewart on some occasions. With this romantic escapade planned, there's no doubt in our minds that the Twilight star had already chosen.

Dylan was spotted to be all smiles at the Madrid-Barajas airport in Spain on March 28. The big smiles cannot mean anything but the fact that she's happy. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, this is because she's planning to meet up with Pattinson in Madrid very soon. Moreover, they are not just there as friends. Not only does that sound quite implausible, there are reports that the two has already picked up where they left off last fall, but they are currently keeping their reconciliation off the media's radar.

The last time that the pair was seen remotely together in each other's arms was still on November 6 at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, so nobody can really speculate if this reconciliation is sudden or has been kept very well under wraps. Robert may have valid reasons for keeping this reconciliation a secret, more likely to avoid hurting his ex Kristen Stewart's feelings; particularly because the two Twilight main stars were reportedly talking to each so much lately.

However, now that they will spend a weekend in Madrid, Kristen Stewart certainly has to stop pining away from Rob already. People can actually see Kristen Stewart still hoping Robert Pattinson will go back to her for good and they can go back to the fun times they shared prior to their scandalous breakup. Kristen even reached out to Rob to ask for his assistance in looking for a newly rescued dog for them to adopt, Hollywood Life reports just this March.

If Robert Pattinson is really moving on with Dylan Penn for good, it's high time that Kristen Stewart face the reality that her cheating has dire consequences.

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