Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart: Robsten Romance Goes to the City of Love [PHOTOS]

Twilight Lovers are Embarking on a Romantic Getaway and There Can Never Be More Perfect Than Heating Up the Robsten Romance in the City of Love - - Paris.


As Kristen Stewart’s beau, Robert Pattinson celebrates his 27th birthday on May 13, news have it that the “immortal lovers” are embarking on a romantic getaway and there can never be more perfect than heating up the Robsten Romance in the City of Love, Paris.

Robert has been confirmed to take some promotional tours at the high-profile film festival, The 65th Cannes Film Festival scheduled from May 15 to 16, 2013. During their stay at the Cannes, Rob is reportedly treating his woman good to a £5,000-a-night room at the Hotel Du Cap, according to My Daily- U.K., citing a report by The Sun.

But as they say, all work and no play makes “Robert” a dull birthday boy! And of course Rob doesn’t want that and neither is Kristen. The Twilight lovers reportedly have a complete romantic itinerary for their long weekend at the

The couple is likely to hit the art galleries in Paris, France and enjoy the works of great artists like Renoir and some more.

"Robert’s going to be in Cannes on promotional duties and is taking Kristen along. They have their eye on doing a tour of the local museums, like the Picasso one in Antibes, and Renoir’s house,” a source was quoted as telling The Sun, according to My Daily-U.K.

But that’s not the only romantic moves the birthday boy has in store for his lady love. Always the romantic, Robert is reportedly “whisking” Kristen away for a vineyard tour in the historic Coast of Provence, found in Southeastern France.

“"But they’re also going to go down to Provence and visit the vineyards there. You can camp in the grounds of these massive chateaus and they’ve decided they need some ‘normal living’," the source added.

This is going to be the first for the powerful celebrity couple to be on a romantic trip, away from their family and friends in Los Angeles, where they have been “love-nesting” in the last three months. The romantic getaway to France is one thing millions of their solid Tween fans could be very much look forward to - - a welcome news and a far cry from the heart-and-hurt related controversies critics have painted for the “immortal” Twilight lovers.

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