Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart: Not All Smiles for KStew at the Hooters, Photo Hints Sadness When Alone at the Restaurant


Where is everybody? Multiple outlets described Kristen all smiles and happy post-Robsten split and the same was reportedly true as she dropped by Hooters restaurant in Amarillo, Texas. Not seen by many, however, the Runaway star hints sadness in a photo snapped of her ALONE, sitting by the window of the restaurant.

It all seems clear that Kristen simply knows to make her adoring fans really happy. Since her split from Rob, Kristen has often been snapped looking happy, with her genuine smile when posing with fans for photos. She did so willingly again with the equally glad waitresses of the Hooters restaurant and some fans on June 15, 2013.

Rob’s former girlfriend was reported to have been at Amarillo, Texas to see a car event over the weekend. Called “Cadillac Ranch” the town hosted an art installation of old, junk Cadillac cars and Kristen, known for her interest in cars did not want to miss it.

As she made a quick stop to dine at the restaurant, a group of waitresses asked for a photo and Kristen was more than willing to smile for them. Another photo show of Kristen lovingly putting her arms around a fan.

Sporting a white tank top and her usual baseball cap (again) Kristen appeared coy but genuinely happy to be taken picture with sexy waitresses and fans. A snap of the rare moment with Kristen was posted on Twitter by waitress Lexi Allen, who described the reactions of the restaurant employees upon seeing Kristen and with their pictures taken of them with the star.

Kristen joins other stars who like to go to the Hooters including Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. The picture of KStew at the Amarillo restaurant came out amidst reports of Robsten Reunion which Twihards still have been waiting for. It was earlier reported that Rob and Kristen were spotted holding hands at the Echo Park in Los Angeles around the time Rob was officially announced the new face of Dior. A close friend of Kristen debunked rumors and claimed any Robsten Reunion is highly unlikely these days.

Could this have caused a hint of sadness in Kristen when snapped alone at the restaurant?

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