Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart: How Ranking Low in "Trust" Poll May Have Impact on Robsten Romance [PHOTOS]

Has the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted People Survey “Killed” Robsten Romance between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?


Robert Pattinson’s vampire lady, Kristen Stewart has hit “rock bottom” once again, after she landed at the lowest level of the totempole of Hollywood stars, in the recent survey of “Most Trusted People in America.”

The big question now is, how Rob feels about being with a woman considered “least trusted” - - as one way of looking at the poll, released early this week. Will Rob’s love continue to fade away? Has it started to fade away judging by his absence in many events he could have been with Kristen? Will Robsten Romance still thrive after another setback? Or has it sunk in yet?

In a survey conducted by the Reader’s Digest, Kristen Stewart was ranked with the lowest score, having been recorded at the bottom of 100 actors considered “Most Trusted People of America.” “Among the female movie stars who made the list, Kristen Stewart received the lowest trust score (24%), while Tom Cruise scored low (27%) among the male stars tested.”

The result came from the opinion of 1000 respondents enjoined by Reader’s Digest to participate in the national poll aimed at “discovering which public figures, and the ideals they represent, have earned Americans’ confidence.”

One of the well-read brands in the U.S., the Reader’s Digest created a list of 200 American public figures considered as “opinion shapers, leaders and headline makers from 15 highly influential professions.” This means that not only the actors and actresses made the list. The 200 personalities also included politicians, TV broadcasters and anchors, advocates, former big leaders, businessmen and many more.

While it was not surprising to see Kristen’s name on the list of the “Most Trusted People,” it was a bit of a shocker to see Rob’s girlfriend ranked with the lowest score. This could also mean that very few of the respondents have confidence in one of the highly-paid and successful stars in early twenties and in her generation in Hollywood.

Trustworthiness according to the Reader’s Digest is “determined by integrity and character, exceptional talent, drive to personal excellence, internal moral compass, message, honesty and leadership.”

Are these parameters enough to crucify Kristen and lose Rob in the process?

Some online news outlet attributed Kristen’s low score to the “temporary discretion” the actress has “mistakenly” got involved in with a film director. “Stewart's affair with her married director Rupert Sanders must have contributed to her low score,” said Huffington Post. But that was Summer last year. Have the people not forgiven Kristen yet?

Has Robert forgiven Kristen, really? Or has he finally “come to his senses” and realized that it was a mistake to look the other way when the news of the affair rocked his world, his family and the whole industry? Or has the poll already had an impact on the Twilight lovers, judging by their appearances (or non-appearance as a couple - -formal gatherings or otherwise).

It has almost been two weeks now when the Twilight lovers were last seen together. They were out on a romantic night out on April 28, getting some chips, snapple for Kristen and more candies as earlier reported by IBTimes-AU. But that was the last the couple had been snapped publicly - - together.

“Rob and Kristen stopped by Hillhurst Liquor in Los Feliz and bought some candy and chips,” an eyewitness was quoted as telling, as noted in an earlier report by IBTimes-AU. ”They came in holding hands and they were really friendly. They definitely had a sweet tooth. They were laughing and seemed really happy.”

Rumors have also circulated recently that Robert and Kristen are in it only for a contract with Twilight film honchos: with a document leaked Wednesday,May 1 last week, allegedly reporting the two as “lovers in papers” after signing an agreement to appear in public as a couple.

Quoting a gossip website, Hollyscoop, the said that “Rob’s contract does obligate him to make public appearances with her, and he is not going to be the one to break their contract. That's why you still see pictures of them on 'dates'..."

Millions of their fans were hopeful to see them together at the MET Gala 2013 since Robert was spotted flying out of LAX and in to New York. Hopes were high when Twihards saw him attend the Daughter concert and his friend, Tom Sturridge’s Broadway performance. But Robert was nowhere to be seen at the MoMA New York, leaving his vampire lady in red, punky, pantsuit alone at the 2013 MET Ball.

The couple has not been pictured together in public again after the candy-store date on April 28 and after the recently concluded MET Gala 2013. Are these indications that the Robsten Romance is finally over? Has the survey by the Reader’s Digest taken a toll on Robsten Romance and finally cemented the on-and-off relationship, putting an end to it, for good?

With Robsten Romance, nothing can always be certain.

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