Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart: Happy Birthday, Rob! A Look Back at Robsten Romance and their Top Romantic Dates [PHOTOS]

A Look Back at Robsten Romance and their Romantic Dates in the Last Three Months


Millions of tween fans have heaved a sigh of great relief to see the Twilight lovers in public in New York City - - together, as a couple - - when they were photographed heading to JFK Airport, almost ten days after they were last seen in a romantic night sweet date in Los Feliz area on April 28.

Reported coming from lunch at an upmarket cafeteria at the Big Apple, the couple was seen together for the first time in days, looking happy and all smiles despite non-stop setbacks that continue to try to keep them apart. But being together in New York after the recently concluded MET Gala 2013 at the Metropolitan Museum of the Arts means a lot to their critics and millions of tween fans, alike. And this recent public reunion has kept the Robsten Romance alive.

Their cozy lunch at the Big Apple before boarding on a plane on May 8 adds to the increasing number of dates found on the Robsten Date List that has kept getting longer since their romantic reunion in March.

Here’s a look at their romantic, yet low profile dates that have kept the “immortal love” gets stronger every day:

1. March 19, 2013 – Karaoke at Ye Rustic Inn Who could ever forget the picture of Robert and Kristen with a fan outside Ye Rustic Inn that had broke the news of the Robsten Reunion. The smokey photo of Robsten with a fan, posted by the fan’s friend, an online gaming editor, had created so much buzz being the first visual evidence that Robert indeed came home to Kristen.

“Rob and Kristen were having so much fun together," the insider said. "They sat in the back of the bar in a booth and were laughing. At one point, they were standing at the bar and were just being normal, as any boyfriend and girlfriend would be with each other."

2. March 20, 2013: Birthday celebration with Katy Perry’s Assistant A day after the infamous first reunion of Robert and Kristen, they were again spotted getting loved-up at the birthday celebration of Katy Perry’s assistant, Tamra Natisin on Wednesday, March 20.

A video was posted on YouTube showing the couple with Katy Perry and her assistant, Tamra and the Twilight lovers appeared having a good time with friends. The six-second video began with an image of the birthday celebrate then it cut to a wide-eyed, nodding male guest, then cut to Katy in black and white stripe top, who was heard leading everyone to sing “Happy Birthday” for Tamra. Katy was holding a plate with what looked like a chocolate cake and she was handing it out to Tamra as the camera panned to the left, revealing Kristen on her feet, standing on a chair next to Rob. It was just another second when the video ended in a close-up of the cake.

3. March 22, Friday, ALONE on Third Date Night at L.A. Streets For the first time since the reported Robsten Reunion, Robert and Kristen were seen together, ALONE in their third date night out. The couple was snapped walking leisurely in the L.A. streets on their own. Also on the same day, the couple were reported getting loved up and showing some PDA, as they were spotted holding hands while buying groceries at an organic store in Los Feliz.

The couple’s tween fans were expecting Robert to join Kristen at the Kids’ Choice Awards on March 23 since K-Stew was nominated (and won) in two major awards - - Favorite Movie Actress (Breaking Dawn Part 2) and Favorite Female Buttkicker (Snow White and the Huntsman). It was the first time the fans got disappointed not to see them together on the red carpet.

4. April 9, Lunch Date at En Sushi The couple was again seen together having lunch (reported to cost only $300) at their favorite sushi restaurant, En Sushi, found in Los Feliz area, Los Angeles, California. The couple was then been described as albeit their fame (being highly-paid at that) Robert and Kristen are highly regarded and respected for keeping low key dates and appearing as best friends and college friends in most of these dates.

This is Kristen Stewart’s birthday and it was surprising to see the couple keeping low profile, not a grand celebration but an intimate dinner with friends. (Of course, we now know that Rob bought Kristen that limited edition of Bentley pen that cost hundred times more of their lunches together)

5. April 12, Robsten Get Loved-Up at 2013 Coachella Music Festival Holding hand in hand - - Kristen snapped holding on to Robert at this year’s Coachella Festival at Indio Ground in Los Angeles, California. The display of affection towards each other for the Twilight Lovers were seen in more ways than one. Kristen clinging to Rob by a finger, as she was trying to touch his as they walk the Indio grounds. The couple were loved up getting into heavy Public Display of Affection on the night of the festival. They were even reported spotted holding some herbs, living up to hippie lifestyle of most attending the annual festival. It was also at the Coachella festival when Kristen was heard as telling her friends that she and Rob are getting married - - just didn’t know when or how.

With Robert’s upcoming birthday on May 13, expect to see Rob and Kristen together - - both alone and with friends. The above list tops the most romantic, yet low-profile dates of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart that have kept the Robsten Romance ALIVE. See them in PHOTOS, START the SLIDESHOW.

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