Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart Break-Up Saga: Why K-Stew STILL “Feels Betrayed” by Katy Perry Over Friendship with Rob


Not even the recent Katy Perry’s reported rekindling romance with John Meyer has appeased Robert Pattinson’s ex-gf, Kristen Stewart and the Speak star still buries some hatchet against the “Fireworks”singer.

Kristen still feels betrayed by the English songstress because of the increasing bond the two has had post-Robsten split. While she could not quite put a finger on it, Kristen feels uncomfortable to hear Rob “leaning on Katy’s shoulders” as reports have it.

Katy has been with the celebrity couple through thick and thin. Or so Kristen thought, After the second Robsten break-up, Katy made a choice to go to Team Rob. While it should not surprise Kristen as Rob and Katy have been friends for years, Kristen apparently still could not help herself but feel stabbed in the back by someone she once considered her friend.

Katy has been with Kristen when Rob was in Australia. As soon as he flew in to L.A. from Down Under in mid-march, she was the first person the couple visited. It will be recalled that Robsten attended the birthday party of Katy’s assistant Tamra Natisin on March 20, a day after the first photo of Robert and Kristen with a fan (posted by Laura Austin on Twitter) stormed the web.

This was the photo that broke the news that Rob went home to Kristen after he wrapped up filming The Rover in Australia. He did not go to London to his mom. He did not go home to his own Spanish-style villa in L.A. Robert went home to Kristen and the two went to Katy the second day he touched down L.A.. That was how Robsten was close to Katy. But now Katy chose Rob after the split. Kristen didn’t like it one bit. Especially the rumored romance brewing between “friends.” Kristen’s friends.

 "[She] feels incredibly down right now and betrayed," a source said in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail.

What adds insult to injury is Kristen’s “denial” that Robsten Romance has fallen apart.

The source said, “'Kristen is in a certain state of denial. She can't let go of Rob or get over him.”

“She keeps trying to contact Robert and find out what he is doing but her attempts to see Rob have been rebuffed. Rob is not responding to her.”

If in the past Kristen would go to Katy for little arguments the couple may have had. But now, Katy has “made her bed” with Rob. John Meyer’s girlfriend had reportedly offered Rob a home to stay at in Sta. Barbara shortly after the split to get away from Los Angeles for a while after he stormed out of Kristen’s house in Los Feliz.

Learning the recurring rumors of the friendship between Rob and Katy, which goes stronger every day, Kristen has totally cut off communications with the English songstress.Rob and Katy were last seen attending Bjork concert at Hollywood Palladium on June 8, 2013. Though he was accompanied by another male friend, Katy went alone. The two were seen side by side inside the concert hall but they decided to go discreet as they left the concert to avoid the army of photographers waiting for them outside.

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