Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart Break-up Saga: Little Changes Kristen Made In her Life to Forget Rob


Robert Pattinson’s ex, Kristen Stewart has constantly been snapped wearing rare, happy faces in almost all of her photos that have emerged online following split from her longtime English boyfriend. This is unexpected indeed, since fans and followers have been used to see her looking glum before the break-up. A change Kristen has braved after losing Robert? But there’s more.

IBTimes –AU has been following the celebrity couple even before the split and this writer has made observations on some changes noticed in Kristen since Robert left her on May 19, 2013.

The actress was a picture of sadness shortly before Rob hauled his stuff to his red pick-up truck - - a sign of looming separation that may have not shocked the industry when it hit the second time. But second time it was for Kristen to be abandoned by the man she loves, the pain could have been less horrifying that she was able to brave the world with her surprising smiles.

Kristen’s rare smiles are not the only changes that the Runaway star has had since the split.

Here are some little changes seen in Kristen after the Robsten Romance fell apart:

1. Kristen found wears two new pairs of shoes Rob’s ex has recently been sporting her black all-star sneakers before her second break-up. But it looks like moving on has meant ditching her old pair of shoes and replacing it with new ones- - a red and another black one, but with different style.

She was seen wearing her old, rusty All-Star sneaker at the 2013 Coachella Festival in mid-April. The same pair was worn when Kristen hit the balls with Taylor Lautner; when she had dinner with Rob’s friends at En Sushi in February (when Robert was still in Australia filming The Rover) and many other occasions, including entertainment events like MTV Awards.

But recently, Kristen has often been seen with a new red pair of running shoes and another one of similar design but comes in different color - - black. She was seen with her red shoes and the black ones while out and about in L.A. with her circle of friends. Did Kristen decide to let go of her old shoes to let go of Rob?

2. Kristen never wears Rob’s clothes ever, again. Remember how we all feel for Kristen whenever she would come out in public (during her first split with Rob from July to October 2012) wearing his clothes? The actress was often seen wearing Rob’s boxers and T-shirts, including one with “IRIE” printed on it. Her fans and critics saw it as Kristen’s way to send a message to Rob - - that he is all she cared about. No one else.

But not this time. Kristen is still often seen with her casual T, only this time, they are often hers alone. The actress kept her tight jeans when out with friends. But she has not seen wearing short-shorts when grabbing a bite with friends.

3. Kristen lets her hair down, and even planning on sporting a new look. She never went out with Rob without her cap. For some reason, Kristen was always in tune with Rob wearing her cap when out in Silver Lake areas and in Los Feliz and in many other places in Los Angeles. Though in some occasions, Kristen still wore her caps, rarely she has been seen with them recently.

She didn’t care with her hair struggling with the winds when she was spotted skipping after lunch with friends. Another recent photo of the actress showed her hair braided and clipped on one side. We never saw that before, not often didn’t we?

The actress has recently been reported even trying out a dramatic, new look! Citing Glamour Magazine, the noted that she went to a salon wanting for some make-over. “It looks like no as though she was spotted at the hairdressers last week the actress went for just a trim rather than a Miley Cyrus style new do.”

The news outlet added, according to a source, “The Twilight babe hit the salon in Los Angeles on Friday, according to Glamour magazine, surely every girls go to antidote for a broken heart.”

Can’t wait to see the new Kristen?

4. Kristen has more time with fans What appeared like a free-spirited Kristen has always had time with fans recently. Sure, between her and Rob, it was always Kristen who was more than willing to pose with a fan when asked for photo. Rob has always had qualms about giving in to the request of strangers - - fans or not.

Remember the photo of a fan outside Ye Rustic Bar, near the couple’s place in Los Feliz? Rob had just arrived from Australia. A fan asked for a photo. Her friend posted it on Twitter and lo and behold, the news broke out that the couple was finally reunited! Rob didn’t want to have his picture taken but Kristen convinced him to.

"Kristen was super nice," the fan said on Twitter as quoted by IBTimes-AU in a separate report. "She was like ‘You know how many times I get asked that, no problem'. Rob was a little bit more shy. [Stewart] was like, ‘Come over here, Rob, don't be an a--hole.' She was laughing and put her arm around me. He smiled and took the pic. She was super friendly."

These days, Kristen has more freedom to take pictures with fans when asked. She was described really as the friendlier one, if not the less shy one. Rob was the shy one. Kristen has recently been posing with fans and she didn’t have a care in the world.

5. Kristen often wears a happy face. Really. She has been surrounding herself with friends and her recent photos only show one thing - - a Happy Kristen. When Kristen was spotted at En Sushi on June 6, an onlooker noted that she looks nothing but a heartbroken.

Kristen was happy the whole time, hanging out with her girlfriends,” the eyewitness said, according to InTouch Weekly as noted in a separate report by IBTimes-AU. “It’s a pretty small place, it’s cozy, and Kristen and her friends were there for hours, sitting in a booth, talking, laughing and drinking cocktails and eating sushi.”

Is she really happy? Are these little changes meant for Kristen to help her move on after her second split from the love of her life? Or are these meant for Rob to let him know he was not a loss after all? Admit it, these changes, one way or another, have been tried by any Jane. One does not have to be Kristen. But when in despair from losing someone, it always pays to find changes in life, to cope with horrifying pain caused by lost love.

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