Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart Break-Up Saga: KStew Crushed, Feels Betrayed as RPatz Reportedly Moves on with Riley Keough


Kristen Stewart left for Paris with images of her British born ex, Robert Pattinson, in the company of a mystery redhead woman, later named (but which was denied) as Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, Riley Keough. Three days later, she got back to L.A. feeling heavy and betrayed with news of the man she still loves, already moving on with another woman.

Instead of feeling a bit relieved that she is finally back home to her Los Feliz apartment and has proven to the world that there’s life after Robert Pattinson judging by her performance at the Paris Fashion Week first week of July 2013, Kristen is reportedly feeling more blue than expected.

The news of Rob dating another woman has crushed Kristen, says reports. Apparently, Kristen was taken by surprise that Rob is moving on sooner than expected.

"Kristen feels betrayed and hurt that Rob is moving on so quickly after their intense four-year romance,” a source was quoted as saying by

What Kristen couldn’t take is the thought of Rob with any other woman. Reports of Rob dating Riley continue to make headlines despite denial from Riley’s camp.

The source said, "Riley and Rob are glued to each other's side. Rob's awestruck that he's dating someone related to Elvis as he's a massive fan of rock 'n' roll."

Rob and Riley were seen taking a fun ride in Los Feliz area on June 29, 2013. Riley was reported to have accompanied Rob buying a set of ping pong table. The same girl in the red pick up truck was said to have joined Rob back to his home in Los Feliz to test the newly purchased table she helped Rob chose.

Riley is Kristen’s co-star in the 2010 biopic The Runaways where she played Dakota Fanning’s sister. Interestingly, she has been friends with Kristen, she was even with the former Twilight lovers when Kristen celebrated her 23rd birthday on April 9.

But Riley’s rep denied Elvis Presley’s daughter in the same car as Rob the day in question.

"Riley isn't dating Rob," Riley’s rep was quoted as telling, as noted in a separate report by IBTimes-AU. "And I can confirm that Riley was not photographed at all this weekend."

This was ascertained by another rep for Riley who talked to People magazine: “That is not Riley Keough in the photo with Robert Pattinson. They are not dating."

Though Kristen was miles away from home, this update had apparently given her reasons to smile in her first public appearance in France for the Paris Fashion Week from July 2 to 4, 2013.

Going back home, the actress was faced with reality that indeed it is over between her and Robert, her boyfriend of four years. Things started to get awry between Rob and Kristen when she got involved in a steamy summer fling with a film director - - one that will forever haunt her as she caused hurt to the man she loves.

“This momentary indiscretion has jeopardised the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry,” Kristen said as quoted by The Sun, noted by IBTimes-AU in a separate report, shortly following the news broke of her Summer fling with Rupert Sanders.

But no apologies were able to save Kristen and her immortal love with Rob.

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