Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Birthday Reunion: KStew Plans Week Long Celebration at Coachella Festival, Expects RPatz to Join Her

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Kristen Stewart is planning to celebrate her April 9 birthday at the popular California music festival Coachella this year with her friends, it has been revealed. The "Robsten" fans would be aware of the fact that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have attended the Coachella fest together for last two years in a row and were inseparable there every time. Fans are just hoping that the "Twilight" love birds are reunited this year on Kristen's birthday.

Robert Pattinson has reportedly arrived in Los Angeles after wrapping up his busy schedule in Toronto where he was shooting for "Life." There is speculation in the media that he is planning to get together with her lady love on her special day hence he got back to be in LA at the time close to Kristen's birthday. Kristen too is hoping to see Rob at Coachella festival just like past two years.

"Kristen is planning a weekend-long birthday celebration with friends at Coachella. Ellie Goulding and Kate Nash will be performing and Kristen loves, loves loves Coachella," a friend of Kristen told "She wants Rob to come as well. It's going to be so awesome cause so many amazing performers are going to be there and it's something we all do together every year."

Robert Pattinson is also the brand ambassador for Dior perfumes and believes that wearing Dior makes him feel very adult. is speculating that the actor might wear his favorite fragrance when he hooks up with Kristen on her birthday.

"Wearing fragrance still seems like a very adult thing to do. If you go out with some cologne on, you are going out for a reason," Robert Pattinson reveals in the new Dior advertisement.

"If he and his Twilight ex end up spending time together for Stewart's birthday on April 9, then perhaps Pattinson may end up wearing this cologne to feel more like an "adult"," the Web site reported. is also reporting that Robert Pattinson is "super psyched" to spend some quality time with Kristen as it has been more than six months that the two have hooked up after Kristen cheated on Rob with Rupert Sanders. Do you think Rob will let bygones be bygones on April 9 and reunite with her "Twilight" lady on her birthday? What are Robsten fans thinking?

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