Robert Pattinson & Katy Perry Alleged Romance is Not Fading Soon: To Come Together for a Song?

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Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry's relationship rumors have grabbed quite a few eyeballs. The recent buzz is that the two friends may be coming together for a duet. Pattinson has always been expressive about his wish to become a singer and he would not like to miss the opportunity to kick off his musical career with an icon like Katy Perry. It is no secret that Perry and Pattinson are great friends and both like to sing with each other-their leaked video while singing a Boyz II Men's hit "I'll Make Love To You" has already made waves amongst the fans.

Perry and Pattinson have been closer than ever since the former broke up with John Mayer. Rumors has it that Pattinson is proving to be a solid rock for Perry's emotional support.

"Rob has made Katy Perry promise to count on him for support, like she did for him when he split from Kristen Stewart. The question is, how far comforting will go - they always had this really flirtatious relationship," says a source to OK Magazine, as reported by the Inquister.

Katy Perry is in a volatile state right now and she can reportedly get with anyone at this moment in her life. On the other hand, Pattinson is a long time friend of the singer and the possibility of two getting together are highly likely.

"She has joked that Rob would make an excellent revenge hookup! They do have a wonderful friendship, and they trust each other. No matter how down she is, Rob can always make her laugh, and she loves that," insisted the source as revealed to Hollywoodlife.

Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson go a long way. Fans may recall that the singer has been with the "Twilight" star since the he broke-up with Kristen Stewart.

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