Robert Pattinson Friends and Family Insist on Leaving Kristen Stewart?

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Reports said that friends and family of Robert Pattinson wanted him to break up with his girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

Those who are close to Rob say it has been difficult to stand by and watch Kristen continues to make a fool of Rob. Robert Pattinson's friends and family are advising him to end his relationship with Kristen Stewart now, before she has a chance to wreak further havoc in his life. They are not happy together and everyone is convinced Kristen will cheat on Rob again.

According to Hollywood Life, Robert Pattinson's sisters, Lizzy and Victoria Pattinson, are disappointed with Robert and Kristen getting back together. It was believed that they had forgiven her after she begged for their forgiveness, but it turns out that they put up a front to appease Rob after he begged them to.

It seemed that Rob's sisters still cannot forgive Kristen on her scandalous cheating scandal last summer with her "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders.

Hollywood Life also quoted a source who claimed that Rob's sisters "are disgusted by Kristen. They saw how hurt Rob was after the affair, and that anger hasn't washed away yet. They feel Kristen embarrassed the entire family by cheating on Rob so publicly."

Rob's sisters "know that Kristen begged and whined to get Rob back. She promised him everything, and they feel she manipulated him, promising things that she just won't deliver. Kristen has reached out to the sisters to make peace, but they have not opened their arms to her. Rob had to tell the girls over and over to forgive Kristen and move on," the article added.

Rob's friends say they held their tongues and kept their opinions to themselves because they knew Rob had to work with Kristen to promote the final Twilight film. Thus, the two need to be together for the promotional tour of their latest film.

However, when the Twilight promo tour is over, they feel compelled to speak out and offer Rob some sound advice. This is not the first time Robert Pattinson has been advised to leave Kristen. Some Twilight fans advised Rob to not to take Kristen back and move on with his life; but Rob brushed off the advice of many.

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