Robert Pattinson to Defy his Family’s Wishes for Kristen Stewart?


Reports say that Pattinson's family is really opposed to him dating Kristen Stewart but the British actor is ready to defy his family for his girlfriend.

Rob's sisters, Lizzy and Victoria, have not yet forgiving Stewart for cheating on their brother. According to OK! Magazine via Hollywood Life, an insider said "Lizzy and Vic tried to talk Rob into ditching Kristen for good. They feel he looks like a chump for taking her back so quickly".

The insider added that "Rob has told his family to back off. If they keep making things difficult, Kristen just may get her wish - and Rob could push them away."

Rumours roamed around that British actor Robert Pattinson proposed to his girlfriend Kristen Stewart just as the year changes and fireworks light up the sky last New Year's Eve.

The couple spent the New Year's together in London. Gossip website Metro UK reported that "this is the third year the pair have shunned showbiz New Year's Eve parties in favour of a more private celebration of their own on the Isle of Wight in the Victorian town of Ventnor."

"Several media outlets suggested that since the Isle of Wight has special significance to Rob and Kristen, it would be the ideal place for Rob to propose," the report added.

Last month, reports claimed that British actor Robert Pattinson is planning to ask Kristen Stewart's hand for marriage before he is set to fly to Australia for his next project.

This is backed by the rumour that Rob is reportedly plotting, planning and designing the perfect ring for Kristen's finger.

Rob seemed to be planning a romantic proposal for his girlfriend that contradicts the on-going rumours that the Twilight couple is already planning their wedding supported by reports saying that Kristen is shopping for a vintage wedding dress and Rob writing a wedding song.

According to Hollywood Life Rob and Kristen both want their very own home located in New York City.

"Both Rob and Kristen love NYC and want to get a place of their own there. They will start looking in the New Year," a friend told the gossip website.

"They are both going to be super busy filming, especially Rob, but this is something they have been wanting to do but just haven't found the time. They are excited to have some roots in the city, most likely in the downtown area, like the East or West Village," the friend added.

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