Robbie Lawler Overpowers Matt Brown, Earns Re-Match with Johnny Hendricks

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It is not how you fall; it is how you get back up. In the case of Robbie Lawler, it is how you rise quickly.

Four months is how short it took for Lawler to get a second crack at the UFC welterweight title after handily overpowering Matt Brown in an action packed five round salvo UFC on Fox event at SAP Center. Lawler won unanimously in decision that determined the 170-pound no. 1 contender for reigning champion Johnny Hendricks.

Hendrix and Lawler previously for the vacant title in March with the bruising heavy hitter Hendricks prevailing by unanimous decision. No less than UFC President Dana White confirmed the possibility of a Lawler-Hendricks rematch during the post-fight press conference.

"Yeah, we do know [the date] but I don't think we've announced that yet," White said per ESPN.

Lawler utilized his crisp and hard punches to dominate Brown. So beaten and bruised was Brown that he was immediately transported to a hospital after the match. Speculations are ripe that the injury must be on the right hand  of Brown while UFC officials have not yet confirmed this.

Brown took first blood in the fight as a right hand that connected to Lawler's chin appeared to hurt him. Brown closed in to finish but a counter punch by Lawler delayed his attacks and forced him to rethink his strategy. Lawler also planted a deep gush in the left eye of Brown early in the fight which bothered his vision. Lawler used his elbows strikes to produce the most damage in the middle rounds as he evaded lots of attempts of Brown for takedowns and grapples.

Sensing he was behind in the scorecards by the fifth and final round, Brown aggressively attacked Lawler with elbow and kick to the body which visibly hurt Lawler but a huge kick to the head in the final minute all but assured Lawler's victory. All three judges scored the fight in Lawler's favor, 49-46, 49-46 and 48-47.

Now, the focus of the winner is the second shot at the belt.

"I'm very excited to get back to work and go after Hendricks," Lawler said. "He's nursing some injuries right now, but I'll be the one waiting for him."

Hendrick is on the sidelines since their match in March due to a torn biceps. His original schedule to return is October yet the recovery process from his injury is taking substantial time and thus the re-match may happen sometime in early 2015.

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