Rob Kardashian's Ex-Girlfriend Adrienne Bailon FInally Removes Cheating Reality Star's Name from Her Butt

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As if Rob Kardashian's year has not been miserable enough as could be seen in episodes of his family's reality TV series "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," now another blow has hit him literally below the belt as his ex girlfriend Adrienne Bailon Can't wait to finally get rid of all traces of her reality star ex form her body through revolutionary new laser tattoo removal method.

The couple who dated from 2007-2009 split up nearly six years ago and Adrienne has revealed in an interview with EXTRA that she had already gone through two previous attempts to get rid of the tattoo which is located on her ample backside but both previous attempts were unsuccessful.

The pair got each other's names tattooed on their bodies while they were still together but after a nasty break-up, Adrienne realized that getting away from the man is easier than getting rid of his name on her butt. Rob, for his part has a tattoo of Adrienne's name on his rib cage on the left side of his torso.

In the video which documented the procedure, Adrienne gushes about the PicoSure laser tattoo removal system which is described to work twice as fast as previous technology designed for tattoo removal. Adrienne explains how she was prepped with an ice pack and numbing cream before the procedure which she describes as totally painless. She also states that everything went by so fast that she didn't even finish listening to an entire song and it was all over.

The former Cheetah Girls star explained that it was something she wanted to do because she didn't want to have to explain it to her future kids. She also says that she's lucky her new boyfriend is not selfish and had never pressured her to get rid of the tattoo and is supportive in making sure that she does it in the right way. Adrienne has been with Roc Nation's Lenny S for five years now and he was even mentioned in an earlier episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" from several years ago.

In the show, Rob shared with his sister Kim how he recognizes his faults and how his cheating has allowed Adrienne whom he says was the love of his life, to slip away. At the time, Adrienne has moved to New York and has just recently started dating her new boyfriend. Kim told Rob that if he wanted her back then he should do something about it. Rob was a determined man and took his sister's advice. After multiple attempts of contacting Adrienne, he finally decided to just get on a plane and go see her. Kim agrees to drive Rob to the airport and on the way there, they receive an email from Adrienne's new boyfriend saying that she wants to move on and that Rob needs to leave her alone so she can start a healthy relationship with her new man. Adrienne later reveals that she just made up the boyfriend to get Rob to stop calling her. The move actually worked when Kim and Rob decided to turn back and head home instead of the airport.

Adrienne now states that people are still sometimes telling her that she ruined Rob Kardashian's life especially with his depression and weight issues now being played out week by week in the family's reality show. Rita Ora, another ex-girlfriend who he says cheated on him is also another person who is being alluded to as a factor in sending Rob on a downward spiral which has his family filled with concern.


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