Rob Kardashian Still Not Speaking with Khloe and Kim Kardashian, Therapist Claims He Has 'Father Wounds'

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Rob Kardashian is said to have more issues than his weight. He has father issues, too.

Sock Mogul Rob Kardashian skipped Kim Kardashian's celebrity wedding of the year to Kanye West because Kim reportedly criticised Rob on his weight. Weeks have passed and things have been settling down on the Kardashian household, but a new report has come out to say Rob Kardashian is still on speaking terms with Kim and Khloe Kardashian.

According to Radar Online, Rob Kardashian feels that he "has no reason to talk to Kim." This is because "they haven't been on good terms for a very long time." Radar's source claimed Kim "hasn't bothered to even attempt to talk to him since returning from her honeymoon, [while] Khloé has sent him text messages and left him several voice mails."

"Rob hasn't returned any of Khloé's phone calls or texts. He feels completely estranged from his sisters and family. He really isn't in a good place," the source added.

Rob Kardashian was also reported to not want anything to do with their family's reality show, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

Aside from his weight, Rob is reportedly depressed and using drugs, making him balloon even more.

A therapist wrote in Huffington Post that Rob Kardashain's behaviour and treatment of his sisters is a bad case of having "father wounds" that should be given attention. George Sachs, Psy.D., claims this is not an ordinary siblings feud. Rob is also not feeling estranged just because he's looking less than perfect compared to his family. This is also not a case of him being jealous of what his siblings have achieved. Rather, the sock mogul is touted by the therapist as having some daddy issues.

"As a therapist, I wonder if Rob really ever got over his father's death and allowed Bruce into his life. It seems that Rob has not fully dealt with his "father hunger," the natural longing to fill the hole left by a deceased father. The Kardashian daughters seem to have done this, finding men to marry and feeling close enough to Bruce to have him walk them down the aisle. The Kardashian daughters were adults when their father died, which perhaps lessened the psychological blow of his loss," the therapist posted on Huffington Post.

The therapist added missing his dad is the reason why he was close to Lamar Odom back when Khloe was still with him. However, Lamar Odom had his own issues to deal with other than to play a father figure to Rob.

"Interestingly, Kim seems to be the source of much of Rob's anger. She's the most successful of the siblings and a direct reflection of Rob's inability to make something of himself. Perhaps Rob thinks that if his father were alive, he would have his guidance and support to be a more successful young man," the therapist added.

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