Rob Kardahian Reaches Out to Lamar Odom after Family Feud

Rob skipped sister Kim's wedding after big row


With a wedding a big as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's everything could not possibly go as planned. There are always behind the scenes drama behind any big event. So far, issues about the venue and the couple not being classy enough for Versailles have come up as well as some guest drama between Jay Z, Beyonce and Rachel Roy. The biggest drama however, would have to be within the bride's own family as Kim's youngest brother Rob allegedly fled from the wedding after a huge row with the bride.

The Kardashian Clan flew to Paris for the wedding and with Rob having been absent from the public eye for most of the year, many eyes were on him as he stepped out to the public eye for the first time in months. Rob has been the subject of constant public criticism due to his weight gain which he admits has been causing him to be depressed.

The downhill spiral for Rob started when his relationship with singer Rita Ora fell apart due to her alleged cheating.  He has since been seen gaining more and more weight and had subsequently withdrawn from the public eye even skipping the filmed family vacation in Thailand a few months back.

Big sister Khloe has been publicly defending Rob in social media, posting pictures of Rob and tweeting against those who have been criticizing her brother. It has been reported that Khloe's ex Lamar Odom has also reconnected with Rob to help him with his weight issues.

Rob and Lamar have become very close after Rob lived with the couple when they were still together and were seen to be very close in episodes of the reality spin-off "Khloe and Lamar."

Rob has apparently reached out to Lamar Odom once again after the big row he had with the family prior to Kim's wedding where he called the display of opulence "superficial bulls***t." He apparently felt that Kim was more concerned about how he looked at her wedding than his actual presence.

Rob and Lamar have been in close contact even after Khloe divorced Lamar shortly after reports of his drug abuse came out. Lamar has been reported to be have been helping Rob with his weight issues and the two never lost touch.

Khloe begged Rob to stay for Kim's wedding to no avail. Perhaps the family feud can be mended by the support that Rob is getting from his ex-brother-in-law of all places. Rob and Lamar shared a special bond and called each other brother. Lamar posed a positive male presence in his life after living with five female siblings and dealing with the death of his father when he was only 16. 

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