Roast Busters' Victim Files Second Complaint, Feels at Fault Due to Police Inaction

By @reissasu on

A New Zealand teenage girl who filed a sexual assault complaint against two members of the Roast Busters wants to make another complaint over the incident that happened when she was 13 years old.

The girl from West Auckland, now 15 years old, filed a complaint against the Roast Busters in 2011. However, the New Zealand police said there was insufficient evidence to support the young girl's claims during that time.

The young teen said in an interview that she had filed a second complaint with the police. She said the police were "doing nothing" about the Roast Busters whose members bragged online about sexual encounters with drunk and underage girls.

The girl said the Roast Busters deserve to be in jail because they are "sick people." She felt the lack of police action made her feel the assault was her fault.

Meanwhile, the New Zealand police have set up a hotline for anyone who wants to call and speak to the investigating team. Citizens who have information regarding the Roast Busters are encouraged to call the toll-free 0800 hotline. The number to dial is 0800 OP CLOVER (0800 672 568). Police said this can be accessed from any phone or cell phone in New Zealand.

Detective Inspector Karyn Malthus said victims of the Roast Busters can also call the hotline to file a complaint against the group. Ms Malthus, who is also the head of Operation Clover, said those who will contact the New Zealand authorities will be treated with respect. She reiterated her commitment to bring justice to the victims of sexual assault.

Roast Busters members Joseph Parker and Beraiah Hales are said to be in hiding since their faces and names were revealed to the public. Joseph Parker has reportedly skipped town to get away from the scandal. According to reports, the parents of Mr Parker defended the actions of their son despite the videos of their son on Facebook showing him and his friend bragging about their sexual escapades with young and drunk girls. 

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