Road to Romance: Ariana Grande & Jai Brooks [PHOTOS]


The Janoskians, Jai Brooks, has called it quits with girlfriend, Ariana Grande. Given the lovebirds had only met a week before, what calls for the sudden split? "Jairiana" could have been the next "Jelena" duo if they could have kept the romance running. How and when did these two meet exactly?

For those who don't know, Jai Brooks is part of an Australian prank group, The Janoskians which stands for "Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation (Skip)." The group includes Beau Brooks, Luke Brooks, James Yammouni and Daniel "Skip" Sahyounie.

The boys already have tons of fans down under thanks to MTV which had dubbed them "Melbourne Madmen." Apart from being a YouTube sensation, the boys also have their own MTV show called "The Janoskians: MTV Sessions" where the boys celebrate busted balls to broken limbs."

Having been so popular on the web and on Twitter, Jai Brooks has managed to snag the attention of "Victorious" star, Ariana Grande. The two have openly flirted on Twitter which of course led to a flurrying romance.

"Victorious" star, Ariana Grande had started dating Jai Brooks in summer. Ironically, the two had not met in person not until December 30th. Flying all the way from Australia, Jai Brooks hit up New York to see his Twitter-verse girlfriend, Ariana Grande for the first time. The couple spent their first New Year's evening together.

Since then, Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks have been known as the cutest couple on the web. Grande had even gone on to YouTube posting a hilarious video of her and Jai where he desperately does Grande's make up. The video entitled, "Boyfriend Does My Makeup" has over a million views which ends up with Grande being blotched in uneven make up products and black brows.

While their romance may seem like perfection, it had ended abruptly. Despite having seen each other just a few days back and tweeting all about it, Jai Brooks and Ariana Grande have called it quits. According to Grande's representative, the distance played a major role to their relationship.

"The distance played a major role as it was hard to maintain a relationship so far away. They remain close friends," stated the rep.

As for Jai, the Aussie celebrity had taken to Twitter to explain the split to his fans.

"Neither of us knew how hard it'd be to be apart," explained Brooks, adding, "We still love each other more than anything, though. She's still my girl."

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