Road Rage in Australia: Two Separate Incidents Accounted in Brisbane, Queensland

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Queensland motorists never expected to experience road-rage fear and havoc last Saturday along Brisbane's Commercial Building Disclosure M1. An unidentified naked man driving his vehicle slammed and sideswiped the traveling cars at a high speed before fleeing from the chaotic scene that he caused.

The witnesses described the road-rage attack similar to a scene in "The Bourne Identity" movie. 

"We just got rammed from behind by a guy. The kids were completely freaked out. He then rammed the car in front of us and did a Bourne Identity copy and sideswiped two cars," one of the motorists recounted the incident that occurred.

"He had this crazy expression on his face. He was not wearing a shirt. There were cars flying left right and centre. We called police and said: 'Look, there is a crazy person, he is going to kill someone'," the motorist further shared.

The mayhem lasted for five minutes. Then, the shaken motorists witnessed the naked man's vehicle burning at the middle of the road in the Tarragindi-Mount Gravatt area.

Police confirmed that the naked driver has already been involved with at least four road-rage incidents where he took of his clothes and ran towards Klumpp Rd. The naked man was arrested and taken to a hospital but has not been charged with the road-rage attacks.

Meanwhile, the naked man's road-rage occurred one hour before another attack that also happened in the south of Brisbane. Ken Olsen, a former police officer, shared a video footage of his road-rage encounter with a man who collided with his car several times on the Beenleigh-Redland Bay and California Creek roads in Cornubia before smashing the vehicle's windscreen.

"This man was absolutely crazy. I feared for my life," Olsen told Channel Seven's Today Tonight. The former police officer realized the danger when the angry driver overtook him on the highway and started shaking fists at him.

Ken Olsen reported the road-rage attack to the police. According to Inspector Michael Dowdy, the two drivers filed complaints against each other. The suspect, who is reported to be a 21-year-old man from Logan, claimed that the road-rage video is a fake.

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