Ritot Smartwatch Uses a Projector Instead of a Display, Info Projected on the Back of Hands

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We have seen smartwatches before though it seems to have been left to Ritot to come up with one featuring a projector display. It's a pico projector that the company stated they have used in their smartwatches which is designed to project anything on the back of their hand.

Ritot also assured consumers the system is perfectly safe for the health and skin of the user, reports Neowin. The smartwatches lack a display - rectangular or otherwise - which is often the topic of many a debate in the tech world. Instead, the entire functioning of the Ritot smartwatch is based on displaying the information on the users hands.

That apart, the Ritot smartwatches are just as any other in their ability to offer information such as caller ID, text messages, social media updates, reminders, weather updates and so on. These are on top of the basic functionality of a smart, that of showing time or serving as an alarm clock.

However, the only issue here with the otherwise interesting concept being put forward by Ritot is privacy, states Softpedia. With messages displayed right on the back of your hands for 10 sec duration, there is no way you can shield those in crowded public places. In any case, the projection can be activated with the touch of a button or simply by shaking the wrist. However, as Ubergizmo states, it will be interesting to see how readable the display will be in real life and in direct sunlight conditions.

Coming to the specifics, the Ritot smartwatch will be available in Sport and Bracelet models, claims Neowin. The makers have also revealed impressive battery credentials, claiming 150 hours of usage in projection mode along with a month long usage in stand-by mode. Further, the device comes with a single touch sensitive button which can be used to invoke different setting. Users have the option to change the color of the display, with there being 20 choices on offer.

Ritot also claimed the smartwatch will be compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone and is designed to communicate with the respective phones using the Ritot app.

Ritot also stated they have far exceeded their initial Indiegogo crowdfunding goal of $50,000. Price fixed is $120 apiece with deliveries starting Feb 2015. 

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