Rita Ora Bares Cleavage on British GQ Magazine [PHOTOS]


 Rihanna might have found a match in the blonde British beauty, Rita Ora. Ora have gone from being just another musician to being one bad-ass singer who has managed to grace the cover of GQ Details Magazine.

Like Justin Bieber who was discovered by Usher, Rita too was discovered by RnB music mogul, Jay-Z. It was all thanks to Jay-Z that Rita Ora is where she is now. According to Rita, Jay-Z gave her the best advices which is the reason to her success.

"The best advice he gave me was, 'Have you seen Chris Martin perform? You know it's literally just him on a stage? And he just rocks it out. Jay told me, 'You don't need dancers and stuff around you," said Ora.

All eyes are now on the blonde bombshell whom is set to release her debut album, "Ora." What exactly does "Ora" even mean or does it stand for something that holds meaning to the singer?

"It's my name but also ora in my language means time, and it took me so long to do this album. Like three years," explained the British singer.

Like Ke$ha who takes a bottle of Jack in the morning, Rita shares the same bad-ass moves of which she talks about in the issue of GQ Magazine.

"I don't literally take a shot of Jack in the morning, I mean, I have once. I have a few times. But it's not like I do it all the time," explains Rita.  Now that fame has gotten Rita all the money she could hope for, one change that Rita has got is her own place.

"I shared a room with my sister and I had to not make noise when she was sleeping," shared Rita, adding, "Now I have my own place, it's like - I don't even have to be quiet."

The issue is set to hit stands this weekend and all thanks to Ora's tweet, fans are dying to get their hands on the sexy issue.

"ONLY GQ CAN MAKE ME LICK A LOLLIPOP" tweeted Ora along with the iconic shot of herself lavishly licking one very lucky lollipop.

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