Risky Selfies That Were Taken A Few Seconds Before Tragedy Struck

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High school graduates take "selfies" on a mobile phone.
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There will be a last photo for everyone when they die some day. However, when you think that some of these photos could well be taken by the subjects themselves would surely make you feel creepy. The obsession with selfies and the tragic events that followed soon after for some people have made it possible that their last photos turned out to be the ones clicked by them. No matter whether you are a game of Selfies or not, the tragic turn of these events would surely make you sit back and think for a while.

Tragedy struck when some of these people took an unnecessary risk to feature themselves in dramatic settings and background.

1. Reggaetón musician Jadiel's clicked his last snapshot just before he was killed in a fatal motorcycle accident. 

2. Oscar Otero Aguilar posed with a loaded gun to click a selfie after a drunken party with friends and the gun went off accidentally costing him his life. Click here to see the image.

3. A Polish couple slipped to their death when their effort to take selfies from the cliffs of Cabo Da Roca failed during their holidays in Portugal.

4. Two Iranian women crashed their car as they tried shooting a video of them singing. This horrible accident didn't deter them from trying another selfie on their way to the hospital.  Luckily they lived on to share this story with the outside world.

5. A young man in Jaén, Spain was electrocuted by an overhead electric cable when he tried posing for a selfie by climbing on top of the top of a train.

6. Gary Slok and his mother took their last snap, before the take off of the  ill fated Malaysian Airliner MH 17, which was shot down by a missile over Eastern Ukraine

7. Jenni Rivera, the famous pop star of Mexico took a picture of herself with the crew minutes before her private jet crashed and killed all of them. click here for the last selfie.

These tragedies would remain as grim reminders of the risk taken by the selfie fans, though it might not necessarily deter them from taking the risk. 

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