RIP Megan Fox Trending for Over 18 Hours on Twitter Worldwide, No Official Statement Yet

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RIP Megan Fox has remained trending on Twitter after over 18 hours beginning late Wednesday night U.S. time. A lot of Twitter users have just seen the trend recently, and so the phrase has hardly ever dropped from the top trending topics.

Fox and her reps have not released any statement on the matter, presumably refusing to dignify the ill-conceived death hoax. The mother of a lovely 4-month-old baby is believed to be enjoying a fresh chapter in her life. There has been no basis to believe that anything tragic has happened to the actress.

The Megan Fox death hoax could have started from a web site publishing fake news and information. In a page, the headline says, "Megan Fox Dies in Crash." But its fine print states, "This story is 100% fake." The news also uses male pronouns when referring to Fox.

The death hoax has quickly become obvious to many users, with many of them blaming Twitter directly for the foul trend. Several users pointed out Twitter has killed more people than some popular death-related films, i.e. Hunger Games, Terminator.

RIP Megan Fox: Latest Twitterverse reactions

"that awkward moment when 'RIP Megan Fox' has been trending worldwide for a day and shes not even dead" @JepicDirection

"RIP Megan fox is trending? Twitter has officially killed more people than Taylor Swift has dated" @HuntDawg11

"RIP Megan Fox? Ok Twitter has killed more people than the hunger games" @DearMariee

"RIP Megan Fox is trending.. lol she's not even dead" @ashligossett

"RIP megan fox? twitter kills more people than bloody Schwarzenegger as the terminator" @Hannah_Smith25

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