Rik Mayall Dies at 56; A Look Back at His Achievements as Actor, Writer and Comedian

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Considered to be the pioneer of alternative comedy, Rik Mayall died at the age of 56, reportedly taking a "sudden death" at his home in Barnes in south west London on Monday, June 9, 2014.

BBC reported that according to the London Ambulance Service a man in his 50s "was pronounced dead at the scene" on June 9. The Metropolitan Police confirmed that there was nothing "suspicious" about the death.

In 1998, Mayall, a well-loved comedian, was reported to have received his first blow regarding his health after a biking accident, which put the comedian in a coma for five days and is now being dug up as something that might have contributed to Mayall's "sudden death."

Rik Mayall was married to Barbara Robbin and was a father to three beautiful children: Rosie, Sydney and Bonnie. A son of both drama teachers, Mayall made his acting debut at the young age of seven in one of his father's stage plays.

The 56-year-old comedian, who was also a writer, is known for his roles in TV shows such as "The Young Ones" (1982-1984), which he reportedly co-wrote with Lise Mayer and Ben Elton, and "Bottom" (1991-1995) where he played as Richie.

Adrian Edmonson, Mayall's longtime pal and collaborator, was reported to have been one of the people who have led tributes for the 56-year-old comedian.

"There were times when Rik [Mayall] and I were writing together when we almost died laughing," Edmonson revealed to Sky News.

"The Comic Strip" (1981), where the comedian and Edmonson worked together, was what had given Mayall his break, leading to the hit television show "The Comic Strip Presents" (1983-2012).

"Rik Mayall made me crave comedy, satire and politics," Jamie Reed, a Member of Parliament for Copeland in Cumbria wrote in a blog post, which was later reposted in The Guardian, at labourlist.org.

"He made me want to write, he made me want to think and he made me and every one of my friends want to be him," the 40-year-old politician added.

Mayall's latest TV show was "Man Down," which aired in 2013. His other TV shows included "The New Statesman," "Blackadder," "King Arthur's Disasters" and "Shoebox Zoo."

But aside from his TV roles, Rik Mayall had also made an appearance in the big screen, including his most popular one "Drop Dead Fred" in 1991 and had apparently made use of his voice in the popular children's TV series "SpongeBob Squarepants" as Lord Reginald in 2006.

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