Rihanna's Ex-Beau Chris Brown to Stay in Jail for Two More Months, Rap Star Worried Sick and Broken

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Singer Chris Brown Claims He Has Humbled Down. File photo/Reuters/David McNew/Pool
IN PHOTO: Chris Brown gave an exclusive interview to Billboard about his recent jail experience. REUTERS/David McNew/Pool

Chris Brown is said to be now broken and troubled. The 24-year old R&B star is devastated after receiving two pieces of bad news on April 23 from the Court. First, the judge delayed his Washington DC assault trial to June. And then, the judge denied his latest plea for freedom to just await his trial at home. In that case, Rihanna's ex-beau will stay in jail for around 2 more months, and this certainly makes him feel devastated.

The once R&B star who can make a lot of fans swoon with his lyrics and voice, now finds himself in a dire bind, literally. He'll be in his orange jumpsuits for at least two more months and his lawyers cannot get him out of it.

According to Hollywood Life, his stay in jail has already broken him down and these additional months can be quite critical for such a troubled and devastated person.

Chris Brown's assault charges are linked to the incident back on Oct. 27, 2013. On that day, Chris was accused of allegedly punching a man in the face in Washington DC. On April 2, he was took in by the police to await his trial on April 21. April 21 came but Brown was asked to await his trial on a new date, April 23. On April 23, Chris Brown is dealt with the harsh news that his trial date is moved to June and he cannot get out of the jail in LA until then.

That said, this means that Chris Brown will have a couple of months thinking about his behavior and the crimes that landed him in the dire position in the first place. His June trial is no guarantee that he will be leaving the jail permanently. His impending fate is probably on the hands of the Court.  Who knows?

Chris Brown certainly does not. He is so worried and nervous about what the court will serve him with that he even broke down in tears to his girlfriend Karrueche Tran for the first time ever. Brown is said to be worried sick about the possibility of being sentenced to jail for four years. His music career can certainly suffer a deathly blow.

 "Kae couldn't believe it because he's rarely ever emotional with her," Hollywood Life reports. "He told her he's tired and that he couldn't sleep and how he doesn't know if he'll be able to fall asleep because he's nervous."

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