Rihanna's Alleged Boyfriend Drake Kissing Photo With Sexy Brunette Goes Viral: The Truth Behind The Photos Revealed

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Is Drake cheating on Rihanna? A photo of the rapper kissing a brunette has spread like wild fire online, reported Hollywoodlife.  The photo shows Drake hugging and kissing "Porcelain Black. The Porcelain Black artist has her head flung back and she looks totally overjoyed in the cozy moment with Drake. The caption of the photo "#NoNewFriends - For real tho."

However, the reports suggest that the photo has been posted on Dec 18, 2013, the time when things were not serious between Drake and Rihanna.

According to Hollywoodlife, Drake and RiRi's relationship started taking a serious turn in February. Fans think that if anything must have happened between them (Drake and Porcelain Black), it would have been before RiRi and Drake alleged relationship bloomed.

Reportedly, Drake and Rihanna are in a solid bond and they call each other all the time. "He sends texts, he's staying in constant communication," a source close to the alleged couple said, adding, "He knows she wants that face time."

During the time iHeart Music awards reports had emerged that RiRi was mad at Drake for being absent from the event.

"She misses him entirely. That's all and she wants him to drop everything to constantly be with her, " the website qouted a source. 

The reports had went on to say that for Drake his professional commitments are primary and all other things are secondary. However, it does not mean that he ignores Rihanna on purpose.

 "He seriously would if he could," the source said, adding,  "He's just grinding right now on some serious business."

Rihanna and Drake are alleged to be dating for quite a few months now. However, there is not official confirmation regarding their relationship, though they have spotted together on various dates.

"She's having one of the best times in her life right now. Everything is coming into fruition and she can't get enough of Drake, a source revealed to website regarding Rihanna's passion for Drake.

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