Rihanna Tired of Brown, Not Envious of Karrueche Tran

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RIhanna is finally washing her hands clean of Chris Brown. As Chris Brown is put behind bars again, many are wondering what his ex-girlfriend thinks about it, especially since Brown's jail time is indirectly related to him beating up the "Stay" singer.

According to Hollywood Life, Rihanna is staying out of Brown's predicament. The singer has already made her peace with Chris Brown and is moving on with her current beau, Drake. Whatever happens to Brown now is no longer her concern. When asked if she envies Karrueche Tran's important role in Brown's life these days, RIhanna said she does not envy the model one bit. In fact, the singer thinks the model is in it for a "tiring" ride, Hollywood Life reports.

No matter how much Rihanna cares for Chris as a former lover and a friend, she cannot help but feel lucky to be out of his life, especailly now with all this drama.

"It's sad and it's unfortunate for him. She hopes he changes and gets better but that burden is no longer for her to bear. He has a woman now, a good one it seems, and that's her responsibility to care and think about all the issues in Chris life, both good and bad," reports Hollywood Life, adding, "That's no longer Ri's job and she's elated that she doesn't have to work that long, tiring up and down shift anymore."

Rihanna seems doubtful that Brown will ever change his ways and be the good man that Tran deserves or the man that many of his fans, including his mom hope him to be. But she still hopes for the best for Chris and Tran.

The Barbados beauty seems to be in a so much better place now, now that she is out of Brown's clasps. She does not believe in looking back after moving on. "All that is out of Ri's hands and she's become a better, a more proud person as a result. There's no shade on her part in any way, she's just moved on," added Hollywood Life.

It is Karrueche Tran that should take a leaf out of Rihanna's book. It has been recently reported that Tran was very mad that Brown was going to face jail time, even though she has already left him for the inappropriate texts she saw on the rap star's phone. Her loyalty seems very misguided. Now with new reports saying Chris thinks Tran should just grin and bear his cheating out, Tran should be making a beeline far, far away from the rap star, just like Rihanna.  

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