Rihanna Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction: Songstress Flashes Private Parts at MTV Awards 2014; RiRi and Boyfriend Drake are Already Planning a Family?


Songstress Rihanna became one of the most talked about celebrity at the much awaited MTV Awards 2014 after her enthralling performance of her hit song "Monster" with rapper Eminem. Her iconic white attire was one of the most noticed outfits of the night but what caught most attention was the moment when she accidentally flashed her private parts. Singer Rihanna almost suffered wardrobe malfunction during her performance at the event. Read on to find out what exactly happened at the event. Also, find out what's latest with RiRi and her boyfriend Drake who may already be talking about family and kids.  

Rihanna Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction at MTV Awards 2014

Rihanna made a grand entry in leggy risqué attire for her much anticipated performance with rapper Eminem in MTV Awards at Nokia Theater on April 13, 2014. She adorned a big-sized white tee and a white zipper for her appearance at the fan-favorite MTV Awards.  

According to Hollywood Life report, RiRi exposed more than she may have intended to while performing on the stage. Rihanna accidentally flashed her "lady parts" in her no-pants look, according to the report. The Web site claims that even though it happened for a very brief moment, it can't be said if the singer was wearing underwear or not giving a glimpse of her private parts to the world.

Rihanna and Drake are Already Planning Family Together?

Songstress Rihanna is constantly making headlines due to her rapidly growing relationship with her boyfriend Drake. Two of them have been spotted getting cozy at their frequent public dates. According to the latest update, the couple is now talking about kids and family.

According to another Hollywood Life report, the couple may already be considering "raising a family together." Rapper Drake reportedly "jokes about how gorgeous and talented their offspring would be and that makes her day," reveals a source to the Web site.

The insider reportedly close to the couple also revealed that they "laugh" about this stuff because "they both know that's not happening any time soon." Even though they are not planning to start a family soon, "but they do talk about family, the future and how they equally would be fantastic parents," according to the report.

The source also revealed that they both are "happy" together especially Rihanna. The couple recently moved in together in LA, the Web site claims

Rihanna who won the award for Best Cameo Performance for "This is the End" was recently rumored to be pregnant after being spotted with a "small" baby bump. Spotting Rihanna drinking "decaffeinated tea," Web site called Media Take Out speculated that the singer is already pregnant. This led to a frenzy of speculation about the father of the child. Media outlets debated if she was carrying Drake's or Chris Brown's child. But the rumors were squashed immediately when Hollywood Life inquired about her pregnancy. A source close to the singer revealed that "Rihanna's not pregnant with anybody's baby." She was later spotted showing off perfectly toned, flat stomach on a date with Drake where she wore a bra top and jeans.

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