Rihanna Shows Off Hot Bikini Body on Instagram [PHOTOS]

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There's nothing new about news of Rihanna flaunting her body, but then again, who doesn't appreciate a gorgeous figure? The singer once again flaunted her hot bikini body in a series of photos on her official Instagram.

Rihanna shows no slowing down when it comes to expressing her thoughts or showing off her body. The 24-year-old has done several shoots where she had to strip nude and so why would posing in her bikini bother her at all?

Using her Instagram account, the singer posted bikini photos of herself on a yacht. The photos look like it was taken by her best friend Melissa Forde whom she credited. In the sexy snaps, she wears a skimpy white bikini and a cap that reads "Supreme B*tch."

It looks like the shots were taken when the singer took several days to unwind with her friends in a cruise along the coast of Europe.

The sexy bikini photos of Rihanna came after she posted an intimate picture of her and Chris Brown. The "Diamonds" singer shared the photo with her millions of followers. Displaying her affection for her ex boyfriend, Rihanna even referred to Chris as "baby."

Meanwhile, in Chris Brown's Instagram account, he posted a picture of himself together with Rihanna while he puffs a cigar. He captioned it with, "What would music today sound like if these kids didn't exist?"

Rihanna and Chris are continues to fuel rumors that they may have actually gotten back together. As Rihanna flew all the way to Berlin to spend Thanksgiving with Chris, the RnB singer is reportedly due to spend Christmas with Rihanna's family.

Whether they are officially back together or not, some fans are happy while some are obviously not. 

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