Rihanna Sex Tape is the 2nd Most Used Scam on Facebook; 10 Celebrities Who Have Real Sex Tape Scandals (VIDEOS)

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One in five scams in Facebook involves the offer to view an alleged sex tape involving sultry singer Rihanna, but in reality it is an online scam with the aim to steal private data and install malware.

Catalin Cosoi, chief security strategist of Bitdefender, an anti-virus software developer, said the use of celebrities as a come-on is enough to lure curious netizens to click these sites.

Besides Rihanna, other popular baits for porno surfers are singer Taylor Swift, reality star Kim Kardashian, actresses Megan Fox and Selena Brown and singers Justin Bieber and Chris Brown.

Even American wrestler John Cena was used in a scam that claimed he died from head injuries while practicing a stunt.

However, some celebrities really have sex tapes, including Kim Kardashian, according to listing of various Web sites. The top 10 are:

1.     Paris Hilton - The heiress made a tape of herself, then 18, having sex with 30-year-old Rick Salomon. That was before she starred in the reality show The Simple Life. Salomon released the tape in a DVD titled 1 Night in Paris which was distributed by the Red Light District. Paris sued, claiming she did not authorise its release and was awarded $400,000.

2.     Kim Kardashian - Millions of people had actually watched the 39-minute sex tape of Kim having sex with singer Ray J, her boyfriend then. The tape, released in 2007, is believed to have helped Kim become famous, or notorious.

3.     Pamela Anderson - There are two sex tapes of the animal rights advocate and actress. The first was with a musician, Bret Michaels, and the second was her honeymoon with husband Tommy Lee. The second video was stolen from her home and leaked on the Internet in 1998. Pamela sued but later settled with the Internet Entertainment Group to sell the honeymoon tape to its subscribers.

4.     Hulk Hogan - The tape featured the famous wrestler and Heather Clem having sex. She is a radio personality and even the wife of his friend, Bubba the Lovesponge.

5.     Dustin Diamond - The film, titled Saved by the Smell, was not stolen but released by Diamond himself, featuring him cavorting with two women. The self-release was to jumpstart his career, but it failed to achieve the aim.

6.     Verne Troyer - He is the actor who played Mine Me in Austin Powers. His 50-minute sex tape was with his girlfriend Ranae Shrider, who leaked clips of it on the Internet. He filed a $20 million lawsuit against the Web site, but the full tape was not released due to a settlement with potential distributors.

7.     Kendra Wilkinson - She made the tape when she was 18 in 2003. The Playboy playmate wanted to secretly sell it in 2008, but in 2010 she protested about the release publicly.  

8.     Colin Farrell - The 14-minute tap featured the actor and his girlfriend then, Nicole Narain, a Playboy bunny. He sued Narain because of the tape's release and won, but the video was still leaked online.

9.     Rob Lowe - He was 22 and his partners were a 22-year-old woman who was a model and a 16-year-old girl whom he met in a bar and did not know was underage.

10.   Gene Simmons - The KISS singer was shown having sex with an energy drink spokeswoman. Many believe the release of the tape was actually part of the publicity stunt for his reality show.

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