Rihanna Seriously in Love With Drake: Alleged Couple have Special Connection?

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Rihanna and Drake are reporteldy all set to take things to a new level. Recent reports have suggested that the alleged couple may be getting a way to serious about each other. The couple has been spotted on various dates and have been literally inseparable in the last month thus sparking serious romance rumors.

A source has revealed to E!News, "They got on so well and have always had a special connection from the moment they met...and now they have found each other again, everyone just feels like this is it."

Rihanna and Drake were recently spotted in  a PDA at LA Clippers Game. They hugged and Drake planted a kiss on RiRi's cheek, however, they made sure that they sit seprately.

It seems since having a very public break-up with Chris Brown, the Bajan singer is making sure to keep her blossoming relationship with Drake under wraps. Apparently, Rihanna's friends are extremely happy for her her.

"Their friends are so happy that they're together. There's a real feeling among their inner circle that they were always meant to be together," an insider close to RiRi revealed adding, "They really are made for one another. Everyone knows it. And Drake could not be happier. They couldn't be better suited."

Drake and Rihanna surely make a great couple. RiRi has gone through a lots of ups and down in her relationship with Brown. And with the various reports suggesting that Drake treats Rihanna like princess, fans think there could not be a better match for "I Am The Only Girl" singer.

It was earlier this year that Drake hinted about his romance with RiRi. He told in an interview with Rolling Stone that he and RiRi are quite close and he thinks about dating her but for now they are just good friends.

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