Rihanna Scared Karrueche Tran Out of a Club

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Rhanna has been single for the longest time following split from singer Chris Brown. Reuters

Rihanna unintentionally ruined a club night for Karrueche Tran and yet was very happy about it. Tran who went to Greystone Manor nightclub in Los Angeles on April 6 reportedly got intimidated by Rihanna when she heard the "Stay" singer was there and decided to leave before they bumped into each other and engage in a confrontration because of Chris Brown. Not that it will really happen, considering Rihanna has long stated she had moved on and is quite happy exclusively dating with Drake. Or has she?

According to Hollywood Life, Rihanna is quite pleased Karruechue Tran decided to avoid her. For the "Good Girls Gone Bad" singer, this goes to show that Tran actually "knows her place" and that it was right that the model and her crew just left instead of meeting Rihanna and her ire.

"Rihanna wasn't about trouble or drama and homegirl knew that and did the best thing she could for her and her friends - and that was to bounce, immediately!" a source Rihanna shared to HollywoodLife.com.

"Everybody in town knows Rihanna helped put Greystone on the map, that's her home away from home," the source adds. "She's royalty there. No disrespect but other bi**hes need to know their place and all will be well, as evidenced by last night."

Shouldn't the two ladies in Chris Brown's life, one allegedly already moved on, put whatever beef they have between themselves and just enjoy life? If there are no reports of Rihanna actually drinking, which dispels the pregnancy rumors, one would think she's grouchy because Chris Brown is the father of her baby!

Hollywood Life however bursts everyone's speculations that the "Diamond" singer was pregnant when it reported that the singer was indulging in a few drinks in the club.

 "Of course she was [drinking]," Hollywood Life's source reports. "What else would you do in a club? She didn't get sloppy, however. She kept it cute and classy and had just a few lemon drops, you know, something to take the edge off."

Whatever it is between the two ladies and Chris Brown, fans couldn't be happier if not only will they avoid drama but that they actually could become friends. Nothing is impossible. 

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