Is Rihanna Pregnant with Drake or Chris Brown’s Baby? RiRi Swanks Sexy Stomach on a Date With Boyfriend Drake

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Reports about Rihanna's pregnancy are spreading like wildfire. The "small" bump that she was recently spotted with has caused fans and media wondering if the "Diamond" singer is pregnant with her first baby. Rumours have led to the rise of a bigger question: If the pregnancy claims are true, then whose child is she carrying? Fans are wondering if she is pregnant with Drake's or Chris Brown's child. But according to the latest update, the pregnancy news is nothing but a hoax going rampant.

According to a Daily Mail report, the singer shunned the reports with her appearance in an attire that showed off her perfectly toned, flat stomach. Rihanna was spotted wearing a white bra top underneath a pink blazer couped with low-rise blue jeans. It is reported that she arrived at The Supper Club in Hollywood to meet her boyfriend, rapper Drake. The singer looked stunning in her attire that proved there isn't any baby bump. She let her black hair loose and wore silver pumps.

Meanwhile, Hollywood Life reported that a source close to Rihanna responded to the Web site's query about the songstress' pregnancy rumours. The source revealed that "Rihanna's not pregnant with anybody's baby." Slamming the rumours, the insider disclosed that "motherhood is the last thing on her mind these days."

Rihanna, who has recently publicised her relationship, is "not in a serious enough relationship to even discuss, let alone think about having a child," reveals the source close RiRi to Hollywood Life.

"Rihanna is pregnant with Drake's or Chris Borwn's child" rumour sparked off when Web site MediaTakeOut noted that Rihanna was spotted with "decaffeinated tea" than the usual coffee with her father. Also, it was reported that singer star is not drinking and smoking and she is avoiding parties. She reportedly avoided official after party at Drake's tour.

Speaking about the baby bump, the Web site showed photos of Rihanna pointing at the swollen stomach suggesting a baby bump.

However, while these pregnancy rumours are just a hoax, the Bajan beauty would like to rear a family someday. The source disclosed that Rihanna may not be ready for a baby at the moment, but "one day, with the right man, at the right time she'd want to begin a family."

Besides the pregnancy hoax news, Rihanna is in the spotlight because of her upcoming performance at the 2014 MTV Movie awards. According to the MTV report, Eminem and Rihanna will give a joint performance of their hit song "The Monster" at the award function on Sunday, April 13, 2014. So are you excited about it?

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