Is Rihanna Pregnant with Chris Brown or Drake's Child: Fans React on Twitter

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A photo of Rihanna sporting a baby bump has been doing rounds of the media for quite a while. This has apparently led to conjecture that the "I Am The Only Girl" singer is pregnant. What has added more to the speculations is the reports that RiRi has given up smoking and drinking altogether. Rumor has it that the barbarian singer is avoiding events and parties where she is required to smoke and drink.

Further more, the rumors are ripe that RiRi has been purposely sipping on water and healthy drinks instead of hard drinks and weed.

"Rihanna refused to attend the official after party on Drake's tour because there would be too much alcohol and weed smoke there. So she went back to the hotel room instead," a source told the publication reported Showbizspy.

Rihanna's alleged pregnancy has forced the fans to question as to who the father of the child is. There many fans who believe that the father of Rihanna's alleged child is none other than Drake. Drake and Rihanna have been dating for months now and the couple has been spotted indulging in intimate moments on many occasions.

"Nothing is official in terms of their relationship but they're still dating and sleeping with each other exclusively," an insider said in a report by Enstarz, adding, "You'll see them out and about, holding hands and being all lovey dovey these days. It's no secret that he belongs to her and she to him but as far as them coming out and being like, 'Oh hey, look at us, it's official,' who knows when that's going to happen?"

After Rihanna's alleged pregnancy report surfaced fans took to Twitter and expressed their bewilderment.

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