Is Rihanna Pregnant With Chris Brown or Drake's Baby: Another Pregnancy Hoax Goes Viral After Selena Gomez & Kate Middleton

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RiRi has once again refuted the rumors of her pregnancy. The Bajan singer has been plagued by the rumors of pregnancy since the last few weeks and it is being said that in the wake of her pregnancy she has quit smoking and drinking. RiRi isn't the only celebrity to be plagued by such rumours as a number of celebs have already become part of the pregnancy hoax. Selena Gomez was rumored to be pregnant with Justin Bieber's twins and Kate Middleton with her second baby though none of it was proved to be true. 

Just like Selena's fake ultrasound and Middleton's fake baby specific diet, many online tabloids even released made-up pictures of RiRi sporting a baby bump. A report from Media Takeout said that " I Am The Only Girl" singer has switched to decaffeinated coffee and is avoiding events and parties that involved drinking and smoking. However, now it seems the rumors of her pregnancy hold no truth.

"Rihanna's not pregnant with anybody's baby," the source told Hollywood Life, adding, "Motherhood is the last thing on her mind these days, like the last! She's not in a serious enough relationship to even discuss, let alone think about having a child. Sorry, that's not the case."

Though pregnancy might not be on her mind right now, she would love to become a mother when she is with the right person.

"One day, with the right man, at the right time she'd want to begin a family," the source continued. "She would be a good mother and love and spoil her kid rotten but she's not ready."

This is not the first time that reports of her pregnancy have surfaced. Last year in the month of April, reports of RiRi being pregnant with Brown's child had gone rampant on the web and it was being speculated that RiRi had cancelled a slew of dates for her Diamond tour for the same reason.

Later it was revealed that RiRi was just ill. Let us know your thoughts on Rihanna's and other celeb pregnancy rumors. 

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