Rihanna Obsessed With Chris Brown: Shares Private Pictures on Instagram [PHOTOS]


From the snaps she shared on Instagram, Rihanna definitely looks like she's so much into boyfriend Chris Brown.

Rihanna and Chris Brown are in Hawaii to spend the female singer's 25th birthday together with some close friends and family. From the pictures that Rihanna shared, it looks like there is no place she would rather be than with her RnB singer boyfriend.

Ever since they have gotten back together, Rihanna has been inseparable from "the love of her life." Although she famously said in an interview that Chris Brown is more cautious now about their relationship, it looks like Rihanna is more in love Chris than the other way around.

The pictures Rihanna just posted suggest how obsessed she might be with her on and off beau. After the 2009 Chris Brown assault, it looks like Rihanna has completely forgotten the pain, the humiliation as well as the violence there once was.

From an audience point of view, Rihanna may be convincing the crowd of their love story. But there is no doubt that relationship has a lot of holes from the start.

But right now, on her 25th birthday, let's just give it to Rihanna. She looked exceptionally happy in the photos she was with Chris. She included a snap where Chris was hugging her from behind and the songstress was giggling like a high school teenager in love.

Rihanna who is admittedly a big fan of Bob Marley, celebrated a Rasta-themed party. She posted a picture of her 25th birthday cake that was colored in yellow, green and red and of course, adorned with marijuana.

Browse through the gallery and see Rihanna's birthday party moments.

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