Rihanna Moves on From Chris Brown and Drake: RiRi May Have a New Guy; Everything to Know About Cliff Dixon-Reports

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"Monster" singer Rihanna, aka RiRi, seems to be moving on from her ex boyfriends Chris Brown and Drake. Not too long ago, fans read about Rihanna's split with Drake. But according to latest update, various media outlets are reporting that the singer star may have found a new love interest.  

On July 10, Hollywood Life reported that Rihanna has been "hooking up" with Cliff Dixon. The report comes two months after RiRi's split with Drake. However, in the absence of any official statement, the news remains unconfirmed.

Meanwhile, the Web site speculates that "if these rumours are true, it's more than just a fling." Furthermore, the Web site suggests that if Rihanna and Cliff Dixon are confirmed to be an item, they "might be the next 'it' couple."

Rihanna and Cliff Dixon dating rumours sparked up after the two of them were reported partying together on Fourth of July. It is noted that they were at Hooray Henry's in West Hollywood. According to the report, Rihanna and Cliff Dixon looked "very close inside the club and then again as they were leaving."

Furthermore, Cliff has reportedly been flirting with Rihanna over Instagram. It is reported that he posted a photo of Rihanna on July 10. He captioned the photo with a flirty message that read: "She said they gonna hate no matter what, I said the PJ ready, Where you wanna go for lunch?"

On July 3, Cliff Dixon posted a sexy photo of Rihanna on Instagram with hashtag #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday). These photos and more have instigated speculations and Cliff Dixon and Rihanna romance rumours.

Another Hollywood Life report tells everything about Rihanna's "rumoured new boyfriend." According to the report, Cliff Dixon is NBA star Kevin Durant's friend. And on Fourth of July, Cliff Dixon accompanied Rihanna to Henry Hooray's and Durant's pool party as a date. However, the Web site does not confirm if it was "romantic" or "friendly date."He is also said to be friends with Rapper Big Sean.

Hollywood Take reports that Cliff Dixon played basketball at a junior college until he shifted to Western Kentucky University where he played for the 2009-2010 season. He was later removed from the team for violating the rules and regulations, according to the report.

This is not the first time Rihanna has been romantically associated with someone. Before Cliff Dixon, Rihanna was dating rapper Drake. They broke up in May and "Drake has been pretty down since Rihanna dumped him," according to Ok Magazine. The magazine claims that RiRi "really broke his heart." As for her relationship with Chris Brown, Rihanna started dating him 2008. They were together until he allegedly physically assaulted RiRi. However, they remained in an on-and-off relationship for some time.

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