Rihanna Loves Drake, Makes her Feel Like a Princess: Dissing Chris Brown?

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Drake apparently makes Rihanna feel special. It has been reported that for Drake she is the only one who matters. There are little things that Drake does for Rihanna to make her feel extraordinary. On April 13 which was the MTV Movie awards, instead of doing his own thing Drake waited for Rihanna till she finished her performance.

"She knows he has obligations and whatnot but he treats her as if she's the only thing that matters," a source revealed to HollywoodLife.com, adding, "They're too much in love and the honeymoon stage has already come and gone."

The source further said, "Now, this is all icing on the cake and she's loving how it tastes. My girl is happy, truly, truly happy!"

RiRi and Drake have been sparking romance rumors since quite a few months. However, they have never gone in public and announced their romance. The couple was recently spotted in a PDA during Lakers Clippers Game.  Though the alleged couple did not sit side by side, they hugged and kissed each other.

And it is not only fans who feel that Drake madly loves Rihanna, even Bajan singer's friends think that Drake treats RiRi like a princess. Regarding their romance a source revealed,

"It's easier to watch," the source explained. "It's easy because she's always happy! It's incredibly refreshing to see how far she's come and how mature she's being these days with Drake. It's fu**ing awesome!"

Before dating Drake, RiRi was in a relationship with Chris Brown. However, they had a messy liaison due to Brown's anger management problems. The couple broke-up after Brown cheated on her with Karrueche Tran.

It is nice to see Rihanna happy and smiling as fans thinks that she really deserves true love. Let us know what do you think about RiRi and Drake's romance. Do you think it will lead to a truly happy ending?

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