Rihanna Has Another Bare It All Moment; Poses Topless for Cover of French Magazine Lui

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Singer Rihanna arrives at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, California April 13, 2014. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok REUTERS

Wearing what appears to be the bottom half of a pink bikini, leaning back on a chair and holding onto a drink, Rihanna appears to be having a naked spree as she is apparently also topless, revealing both her nipples with only the hat on her head considered decent enough to cover her braided hair.

Certainly in her bare it all moment, the songstress poses topless for the cover of French magazine Lui, which is just another of her photo shoots where she is either topless or totally naked. Averaging Rihanna's naked photos shared on her social media accounts, did the songstress just added posing nude with her trademark tattoos and ever changing hairstyles?  

Daily Mail reported that it's not RiRi's first naked photo shoot for the month of April. The pop singer is said to have gone naked for Vogue Brazil. One shot showed RiRi perched on the edge of a diving board with just a netted black G-string. Aside from Vogue Brazil and Lui magazine, Rihanna is also the new face of the charity collection that donates to help fight AIDS.

The 26-year-old pop singer sure loves to pose naked and to share them to her fans. But apparently, this time the management of Instagram decided that Rihanna is violating the rules. According to a TMZ report, an hour after RiRi posted pictures from her photo shoot on April 29, Tuesday, Instagram removed the pictures as they apparently went against the rules of nudity.

Sources from Instagram told the celebrity gossip's Web site that RiRi received an email, warning the singer to keep her clothes on or the photo-sharing social networking site will permanently shut down her account.

For a second there, the act must have halted Rihanna. However, Rihanna cannot be stopped that easily. Instagram might have rejected her naked pictures, but RiRi apparently has other ways. The pop singer took it to Twitter, posing the same stuff without having the pictures removed or receiving an email.

"LUI. #coveR by Mario Sorrenti," Rihanna captioned in a post on Twitter of what is used as cover photo on the spread of Lui magazine.

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